March 15, 2022

Some Recent (Spring) Buys.

woman in colorful dress and sharing some recent buysDress: AMUR (borrowed) | Bag: Alexander Wang | Shoes: Mach & Mach

Over the last few weeks, I’ve bit the bullet on a few items.  Some are big ticket pieces that I’ve thought about for months (like the Bottega Jodie) and some random purchases after watching too many YouTube beauty tutorials. Call it a spring shopping itch, but if one exists, I have it.

Some Recent Buys

Below are some recent things, either that I’ve already purchased or that have been on my mind:

A Trenchcoat: 

I’ve been in the market for a new trench coat that differs from the Everlane one I currently wear. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Everlane trench and wear it often, but I’ve been wanting one in a slightly different shade and with a bit more special details. I recently ordered this one from The Frankie Shop and will update you all on the outcome.

Update: I  didn’t love the trench in person, so it’s been returned. It was slightly too oversized and while I could have gotten it tailored, I didn’t think it was worth the additional investment. I know there’s a better one out there.

Fresh White Tees: 

White tees, both in regular crew-necks and v-necks are a necessary staple in my wardrobe. Most of mine are worn in and dingy looking, so while I will attempt to revive them with oxiclean, I was itching for a few fresh additions.

White Denim:

To be specific, a pair of wider legged denim. I love and wear my CoH trouser jeans so much, that I had to order them in white. Additionally, I also got these. I’ve had good luck with the H&M Mom Jeans in the past and I like that they’re a bit more casual than the CoH pair.

The Dyson Airwrap:

The Airwrap has been on my wishlist, on and off, for about three years. It’s in the last six months, when three of my closest friends got it and have not stopped raving about it, that it became a “I need it.” I know it’s a pretty polarizing item: most either can’t imagine life without or think it’s overrated, but I simply wanted to try it out for myself. While it’s been pretty impossible to find since before the holidays, I found it in stock yesterday. Disclaimer: it is now sold out.

Victoria Beckham Kajal Eyeliner:

I’ve been on such a YouTube, makeup tutorial kick (lately it’s been Ali Andreea) and after hearing so many great things about the Kajal liner, I wanted to try it for myself.

Bottega Jodie:

After admiring the mini Jodie for months, I decided to go with something completely different, the blue. It’s too soon to tell whether it has been a good investment or not, but for now, I’ve been really enjoying it. Now, the black or brown, in the larger size, is potentially on my future fall list. This is all pending me trying it on and analyzing it in person.

Leather Baguette Hobo:

I spotted the most stylish woman wearing this bag that I had to stop her to find out who made it. Turns out, it’s current Mango!

Mach & Mach Double Bow Shoes:

Last but certainly not least, these Mach & Mach shoes (if link shoes they’re sold out, they’re also sold here). They were a bit of a surprising buy for me. I honestly didn’t think I’d love the as much as I do, but I really love them. They’re such an incredibly special shoe and make even a pair of blue jeans and white tee look special.  I sized up one full size to a 40  and they’re perfect.

In full transparency, because I work with Shopbop and their site has them, I do get a discount on all Shopbop buys.

How about you? Have you had any exciting new buys, little or big?



  • HeAther Gavitt

    I’ve been trying to resist the mini Jodie and then when I saw you’d gotten it I started lusting after it again. The washed teal is my favorite.

  • Gabrielle

    I have been so torn about the mini Jodie and decided against it in January, and now you’re making me want it!!! Its such a gorgeous bag, was just super small (for me). I also was torn on a color. I wanted the nude (Porridge color) but then that made it strictly a day(ish) bag. But didn’t want the black. Do tell us your thoughts on an honest review. 🙂

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