August 22, 2018

Sheer White Button Down & Blue Denim

woman in the middle of the street wearing Sheer White Button Down & Blue Denim

woman standing with hand on her pocket and wearing Sheer White Button Down & Blue Denim

woman wearing AGOLDE Jamie High Rise Classic Denim, Chanel Trendy CC Small Bag, Roger Vivier Flower Strass Buckle Pumps, Street Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde

Silk Blouse: Zara (wearing a small) | Denim: AGolde (true to size) | Shoes: Roger Vivier (budget-friendly here) | Bag: Chanel Trendy CC (smaller size, budget-friendly here) | Sunglasses: Celine Tilda 

Sheer White Button Down & Blue Denim

When I first updated my site, I made a dropdown outfit menu so I could categorize outfits by season. What I didn’t realize, and it happens quite often, was that I’d have an outfit like this one and ask myself:  “okay, do I categorize this into fall? into spring? into summer?”

I guess that’s the beauty of a simple button down and jeans – it works all the time. Don’t want to wear a high heel, try a stacked block heel, which gives you the same look but more comfort (I recently got these). Or if you prefer to be low to the ground, opt for a chic mule. My friend recently said “the older I get, the lower to the ground I want to be” and I could not help but laugh at the incredibly true statement. I still adore my heels (obviously) for certain occasions, but they’re being worn a bit less.

And I know many of you are thinking “how is she wearing high heels on cobblestones?” In many cases, like this one, Keith and I popped out of the car to snap these photos. Cobblestones just add a fun element to my outfit photos so, why the hell not?

PS: I ended up filing this outfit in fall since that’s where most of us are

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