July 21, 2010

Puerto Rico: Night Two


Today I’m finally back to reality. Yesterday I had to hang out at home and wait for my luggage since it didn’t arrive with me. Imagine my panic when I saw my friend’s luggage come and 30 minutes later, mine wasn’t there. Plus, I always carry my valubles in my carry on and this was the one time where I actually put my handbags in my luggage! Luckily it arrived the next day… phew!
Here I opted for a simple outfit. Black stretchy skirt and a silk tank.
I also finally got to wear my lace shorts! I’ll post those outfit pics tomorrow. 🙂
Forever 21 skirt & ring
Tank bought at NYC boutique



  • fshnonmymind

    This is a very chic outfit!!! And that is quite a luggage scare you had, glad you were able to recover it because losing a nice expensive bag would have been heart-breaking.
    Please tell me what brand/name nail polish you are wearing. It is such a beautiful shade of purple.

  • Lindsay With An "A"

    Such a cute outfit! Thanks for stopping by my blog, because it allowed me to find yours! I am loving your blog 🙂


  • Andi

    Awesome outfit! Love the beautiful wooden bench also 🙂

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Thanks so much!!! The nail polish color is OPI's "Funky Dunky" from the Shrek Collection! 🙂

  • Rebecca Rugby

    Can't wait to see the lace shorts Helena! I'd love to see a makeup post too; you always look flawlessly pretty w/o trying to hard! xxRebecca

  • this free bird

    Girl looking good. Those shoes were made for you!!

  • HC!

    i'm so excited to see your outfit with the lace shorts!! they are so cute and i can't wait to see what you pair them with!


  • Kita

    very beautiful! 🙂

  • Belle de Couture

    LOVE it…especially those shoes…they are so amazing and look great with so many different outfits! 🙂 That color top looks great on you…and I'm diggin' your nail polish.
    You look great! 😉
    Can't wait for the next set of photos!


    p.s. glad you got your luggage! I can imagine the panic! It's happened to me before!


  • Pauline

    Really love this outfit…you are so beautiful! Love all your jewellery.


  • Anna Jane

    you look fantastic, lady. simple, sweet, and beautiful!

    anna jane

  • Marcie

    Yay for the F21 skirt! Can I please have your hair?! You look great.

    xo Marcie

  • Jamie

    I am really loving that yellow top!! I love that shade in the summer. Super cute!


  • lamia

    you look fabulous sweety!!
    have fun!!!

  • Claudia

    GORGEOUS OUTFIT! You look beautiful 🙂

  • kirstyb

    looks like your having a great time xxxx

  • Dani Banani

    you look lovely!!!love your outfit!!!!you've got such amazing style!!congrats!kisses

  • Daniela Rodrigues

    I really love the outfit but I guess I fall in love with your ring. Sadly we dont have Forever21 in portugal. TOO BAD 🙁

    AMAZING BLOG btw. I will follow it 😀



  • Cherry Chanel

    Love it! Pretty oufit!:)


  • Sjaar

    beautiful especially the colour of your top.

  • Anything but Bland

    very pretty girl!!! I love your style 🙂

    love, the littlest polly

  • mel

    you look very gorgeous ! Really like your top, lovely colour 🙂 xx

  • Style of a Fashionista

    So happy that you luggage turned up that would be my worst nightmare. Look like you are having an amazing time and looking gorgeous xoxo

  • Yuliya xoxo.

    j'adore t'es chaussures ♥

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