July 11, 2023

My Top Amazon Prime Picks

coffee table with mugs books, mug, and other items from Amazon Prime PicksHappy Prime day! Quite frankly, I think this year is better than many of the previous years. I’m taking it as an opportunity to stock up on things I already love, to buy the things I’ve been eyeing and for once, to get ahead of some gift-giving occasions like birthdays and the holidays.

My Top Amazon Prime Picks

What I own, use & love:

LOLIO Rugs: We started with one Loloi rug and over the course of the last two years, have purchased several. The look for the price simply cannot be beat, especially if you have pets or little kids. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them priced this well so if you’re in the market, highly recommend looking into them.

Small Portable Charger: Unless I’m hanging in my neighborhood or where I’m 100% sure there will be a charger, I rarely leave home without a portable one. I love this larger one that I’ve shared in the past (also on sale), but at times, it’s a bit too large if I’m carrying a smaller bag. When that’s the case, I really love this one. 

Portable Steamer: I fully believe that everyone needs a clothing steamer. I have a much larger one from my styling days that I’ll occasionally whip out, but in most cases, whether I’m at home or traveling, this is the one I use. I cannot remember the last time I ironed anything. Steaming for life.

Clip on Ring Light: These days you really don’t need to be an influencer or in social media to own a ring light. This is the best little gadget whether you’re traveling, taking a video meeting or need an extra dose of flattering light.

3-Pack of iPhone Chargers: We’re always in need of chargers and while they’re not all created equal in terms of quality and durability, these are great.

COSRX Snail Mucin: I’ll be the first to admit that this insanely viral snail mucin lives up to the hype. It’s a pretty great product for $30, let alone half off. I’ll often use it after I wash a face mask off, under moisturizer or even with my NuFace.

Color Wow Dream Coat Spray: The 60,000+ mainly positive reviews speak for themselves, but this stuff is the real deal. It’s meant to be used every 3-4 shampoos and activated by heat, but it really helps in taming frizzy hair. I used this before a concert, on a pretty humid day and I was shocked at how much less frizzy my hair looked after using. One thing to note: make sure you use enough product when spraying.

Bioderma Oil:  I’ve repurchased this body oil several times and it’s become one of those products that neither Keith nor myself want to be without. I primarily use it for shaving (nothing else compares, IMO) and Keith uses it as a body wash to help with dry skin and occasional eczema flare ups. The best best.

Kids Writing & Drawing Pad Tablet: I feel like I mention this handy little tablet whenever it’s on sale. It’s one of our most used items for when we travel or go out to restaurants with the kids.

Wine Glasses: We have these and they’re great for the price.

Dyson Vacuum: Another gadget where the hype is real. Now that we have a cordless Dyson, I cannot imagine life without one.

My favorite leggings: Right now, a three pack is $22.30! I’ve tried versions that cost double and triple in price and I prefer these because they’re just so comfortable.

New items I’m getting:

BISSELL Little Green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner: Heard lots of great things and it seems easy to use.

Zip Pullover: My friend had this on the other day and I was a bit shocked when she told me she got it from Amazon. It comes in a lot of great colors, but I couldn’t help but order black for myself.

Mattress Topper: In a constant effort to make every single bedroom as comfortable as it could be, I’m planning to add one of these bad boys to the guest bedroom at our lake house.

Barbie Dreamtopia Magic Mermaid: At almost 50% off, I purchased a few to have on hand for the holidays.

Kids Karaoke Machine: Another gift that we’ll be saving for the holidays and strictly keeping in our Pennsylvania basement where the kids hang and play.

Bose Headphones: I’ve been wanting a pair of Bose headphones forever but didn’t really want to spend $300+ on a pair. Right now, they’re 40% off and I feel like that’s my sign.



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