November 5, 2019

My Pregnancy Essentials

My Pregnancy EssentialsDress: Hatch x J Crew (wearing a S/M) and I also own it in pink (seen here) | Earrings | Bag: Chanel Small Coco Handle

As I’m entering week 40 of my pregnancy, I wanted to do a little roundup of pregnancy essentials that I couldn’t be without. Some of these items are things you may have seen me mention time and time again, but I figured it was easier to have them all in one place for easy reference!

My Pregnancy EssentialsBlazer: Old Theory | Tee: ASOS Tee | Leggings: H&M | Sneaker: Axel Arigato | Bag: Small Chanel Trendy CC | Sunglasses:  Celine Tilda


Maternity Spanx |

I wore a lot of dresses this pregnancy and I relied heavily on these Spanx. They helped smooth things out and created a nice, seamless look. Also, with certain fitted dresses, underwear (whether you wear full booty or thongs), create major VPL (visible panty lines) which I am not about, so this really helped with that situation. Yes, I often wore them without underwear, especially when wearing fitted dresses, and would just machine wash them after. TMI? Maybe.

H&M Leggings |

I’ve lived in these leggings (wearing above). I got two pairs and they’ve been in constant rotation for everything from lounging around the house to creating stylish, comfy outfits around.

Lululemon Joggers |

They’re not maternity, but the waistband is soft, stretchy and I found them to be incredibly comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy. I wore them to workout or when I just wanted something to lounge around in.

ASOS Tees |

I do own a variety of maternity tees, but I find that these (wearing above) look the most stylish and “cool.” I have a few from the GAP and while I do wear them as a layering piece or when I’m just hanging, I don’t particularly love the neck on those. I ended up getting several of the ASOS tees in both black and white and wearing them throughout this entire pregnancy.

Over-the-Belly Skinny Jeans |

These were my favorite jeans this pregnancy. In the past, I relied on Citizens of Humanity, but this time around, I reached for these a lot more this time around. Also, I should mention that I’m someone that prefers over the belly as I find it creates more of a seamless look and is more flattering on my body-type. I have some friends that prefer below the belly, so I’d recommend trying on both to see what works for you.

I also wore Madewell over-the-belly jeans in black, but for whatever reason, I found the blue wash so much more comfortable. The black ones tended to slip and fall down a lot more, whereas, I didn’t find that with the blue wash. I still wore both, but it’s worth noting.

White Sneakers |

I reached for my Axel Arigato’s (wearing above) and Golden Goose sneakers more than any other footwear. Between being pregnant and running after a toddler, comfort was key. Luckily for all of us, they look chic with everything from skirts to leggings.

Chanel Flats |

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I wanted another flats option that didn’t require laces and that still made me feel stylish. I found these on the RealReal and decided to treat myself before baby #2. They’re instantly comfortable elevate even the most basic outfit, including my truly $12 H&M leggings.

Party or Event Dressing |

If you have an event, whether a party or your own baby shower, I loved Susana Monaco dresses. I’ve worn both the maternity and non-maternity styles. For non-maternity, I’d just size up from a small to a medium (75% of the time)  or a large, depending on how far along I was in my pregnancy. Some of my favorites include: this sleek turtleneck dress, their long sleeved dress (if you’re having a girl and want to dress in theme for a baby shower, the blush could be a great option) and their off-the-shoulder maternity dress. I also really utilized ASOS Maternity for dresses. The site can definitely be overwhelming and hit or miss, but if I ordered 10 things and ended up with 2 that I liked, I called that a successful order.


J.Crew Slippers |

I ended up scoring these for an insanely great price (under $20) and as soon as I get home, I slip them on. I actually got two pairs! One for home and one strictly for the hospital and I’m so happy I did.

Natori Nursing Bras |

I had a hard time finding a bra that I liked, but after I found this one, I haven’t looked back.

Pajamas & Loungewear |

Comfortable PJs and loungewear  were never as important to me as when I was pregnant. I had two pairs that I lived in during my pregnancy, this pair from HATCH and this lounge set from H&M. The HATCH pair is a splurge, but they’re well made and feel so good on. I basically lived in them throughout my entire pregnancy.

Heating Pad |

A friend recommend this pad and it definitely came in handy for the days where I was feeling extra achy.

Vitamins, Skincare & Hydration:

Skincare |

I’m going to have a bigger skincare post since that’s been a highly requested one. But for the most part, I stuck to most of my usual products with the exception of retinol.

For Body and Stretch Marks |

I’ve been using this body oil from Versed and this body cream from First Aid Beauty (I tend to mix the two together) and I really like the combo. I don’t know if there’s any magical product, but I do like to keep my body properly moisturized. With Nate, I used the same cream and whatever body oil I had on hand (can’t remember). I didn’t get any stretch marks, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s having a good routine or just hereditary. As of now, I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks, but I’ve heard that some women get them after they deliver. On the other hand, I did get some new darker varicose veins (which my mom has so again… genetics) that are not making me happy. Maybe I’ll get those zapped off down the line.

Water Tumbler |

I was so thirsty throughout my entire pregnancy and aside from it’s pretty aesthetic (I got it in the marble looking color way),  this tumbler was one of my favorite ways to ensure I was staying nice and hydrated.

Pre Natal Vitamins |

I used these after a friend recommended and was happy with them! They’re organic and non-GMO which was important to me.

Gua Sha Facial Tool |

Okay, not specifically a pregnancy essential, but I’m convinced, using a gua-sha facial tool has helped my face look less bloated and puffy. I don’t do it every single night, but maybe 3 nights a week, while I’m watching TV. It’s important to make sure your face has a nice “slip” to it. So it’s always recommended it’s paired with an oil before using. Any facial oil will do. Here’s a helpful video on how to properly facial gua sha.



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    Its funny I just sent a questions to you about the Vitamins before reading this post! I checked out the one you have a link to above and the amazon reviews sounds a little scary??? People are talking about the brand having synthetic vitamins in it! …How necessary is it to take prenatal vitamins in general (in your opinion) and are there other brands you like?

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    I’m a recent follower – love your content! On your IG I saw you were wearing a cute gown during labor. Any tips on where I can find something similar so I’m not stuck with the one the hospital provides?

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    Hi Helena,

    Have you posted your skincare routine while you were pregnant, or did I miss it somewhere? I’m 35 and pregnant with my second little one. Looking to update my skincare routine generally; looking forward to your recommendations.


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