January 28, 2021

Life Lately | January 2021

Life Lately | January 2021Coat: Mango (sold out, but here’s a similar one) | Hat: Adidas |  Denim: AGOLDE |  Uggs | On Sasha: Baby Uggs & Outfit via Zara (not recent)

Life Lately | January 2021

Almost a full month into 2021 and I feel like I’m finally getting into a little groove. The beginning of the year started out a bit rough. Not just for me, but for the world and I found myself wanting to stay away from social media. As much as it’s a huge part of my job and I genuinely love many aspects of it, I was getting crazy anxiety by the stream of what I was ingesting.

I mentioned it on Instagram, but I started needing little mini breaks for the sake of myself and how I was showing up (in my day-to-day) as a mother and wife. That’s when I knew it was time to put my foot down, to take the breathers that I needed and to step away from any person or account that made me feel a certain way. This also meant muting (if it was someone I didn’t want to fully unfollow) or simply unfollowing many accounts.

I felt like I couldn’t jump into this post without bringing up the above, because well, it’s been on my mind. BUT, enough about that!

I’ve been excited to share some fun, random tidbits with you all.

Life Lately | January 2021 - the idea of youReading:

I made a promise to myself that in 2021, I’d resume reading. I barely read any books in 2020 and really missed it. The first book I started with was The Roommate and after not particularly enjoying it and giving up halfway through, I  decided to reread one of my all time favorites, The Idea of You. So good if you’re into a romance type genre.

the new Jazmine SullivanListening To:

If you’re into soulful R&B type music, I highly recommend the new Jazmine Sullivan. It takes me back to that late 90’s/early 2000’s feeling of music. It makes me want to hop in a car (and I don’t even drive), cruise around and just belt out loudly.

Lusting After:

tech accessories from CuyanaI am completely lusting over the tech accessories from Cuyana. In particular, this leather laptop sleeve – so beautiful!

H&M coatCoat: H&M (in a small) | Denim: H&M | Boots: Steve Madden | Belt: Isabel Marant (in a medium) | Bag: Janessa Leone (gifted) | Sunglasses: Celine

Some Recent Buys:

I got these Eberjay pajamas before the holidays and they’re so incredibly comfortable, I’m really resisting getting another color. They’re a bit pricier than I wanted to spend, but after wearing for almost two months, I think they’re worth it. I got them in a small and the fit is perfect. I got black, but they also come in navy and grey.

Another great find has been this coat from H&M. It comes in a beautiful navy (the color I got) and a beige. It looks so incredibly luxe and high end in person. I got it in a small and it’s a drop oversized, but in a nice way.



  • Loise

    I’m curious, do you just not like driving but CAN drive or you just don’t drive at all?

    • Helena

      Hi Loise,
      Unfortunately I failed my road test 2x (when I was 16 and 17) due to parallel parking and never tried again :(! ugh. I really need to get it though! On my list.

  • Anabela

    Hi Helena- your content is always so thoughtful and genuine. Def going to read that book as I too made a point to read more in 2021. Just received my navy coat and can’t wait to go somewhere and style it!! Be well! Xo

  • Nina

    Hi Helena! Love your blog. Brooklyn girl myself, failed the driving test 3x and passed on the 4th after a 3 year break 😂 1 year into driving and it’s so liberating!

  • Dee

    The audacity to be accurate about Jaz’s new album. It has been on repeat.

  • Suzanne Schmidt

    Sasha looks like a big girl !! Growing so fast! 😊

  • Sel

    Hello Helena, I genuinely understand the need to take a break or time away from social media and unpleasant/difficult situations facing one’s own country and the world. Whilst I understand and accept not wanting to deal with people on social media that make one feel a certain way, I also don’t think that it is wise (and I am speaking for myself only) to always listen to individuals whose views, opinions or beliefs align with my own. I don’t believe that personal growth, knowledge and wisdom can occur if I don’t listen to and try to understand views that challenge me and are opposite to those held by me. My only caveat in dealing with such individuals is that we treat each other respectfully and not make personal attacks. If they choose not to be respectful in speech and behaviour, I won’t engage further.

  • Janine

    Thanks for sharing this and especially for bringing that brand Cuyana onto my radar! Their stuff ist just beautiful, omg, I need to take a browse, haha 🙂
    xx Janine

  • Uvais Siddiqui

    Very Informative Soo Good Thanks.

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    Hi Helena- your content is always so thoughtful and genuine. Def going to read that book as I too made a point to read more in 2021. Just received my navy coat and can’t wait to go somewhere and style it!! Be well! Xo

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