July 20, 2018

Happy Friday! Our Renovation is (Almost) Complete!

Bronze and White Kitchen renovation, Helena Glazer of Brooklyn Blonde

Happy Friday! Our Renovation is (Almost) Complete!

This past week, I’ve shared why you should be double cleansing and a few Nordstrom sale goodies. Other than that, I’ve been eagerly saving a few of my favorite links, thoughts and purchases for todays post.

As you all can see from the above photo, our renovation is almost complete! Aside from lil’ tweaks like straightening out handles and finalizing some details, we’re back to living like normal people. I plan to share more about the renovation process, the before and afters and all the details on our final decisions, but in the meantime, I’m leaving you all with our “yay! we’re done” photo.

How Baublebar’s cofounder handles startup challenges.

To all my moms who are trying to balance it all (aka all moms), this post really resonated with me. A friend of mine, shared it in our group chat and I’m not entirely sure how I’m so late to read it. Nonetheless, it’s a good one! I especially love point 2 and 6 and know that both are essential for our family dynamic.

These are the glass straws we use at home. They’re durable, easy to clean and a billion times better for the environment.

Anthro is having a 20% off sale and I am loving all of the pieces from this bath set.

I’m eager to try out this healthy BBQ recipe.

This delicate triple-strand necklace makes layering super easy. I love the idea of combining it with this layered coin necklace for the ultimate neck party.

Lately, we’ve had this jazz playlist playing in the background of our home. It always puts me in such a happy and relaxed mood.

Aveda products rarely go on sale, but this time around, they’re offering 20% off a gift set of their five best sellers.

Buyer beware! You might be buying more frozen food than you realize.

Wishing you all the best weekend!






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