July 25, 2018

A Few Random Things About Me

Layered Necklaces, Gold, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde sharing random things about me

By now, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram released a new Q&A feature. I’ve been having so much fun reading and answering your questions which is kind of what prompted me to write this post. In general, random fun facts and Q&A’s are my favorite things to read (when others share) and to write. It takes me back to the days of those fun emails we’d receive in our inbox, always guaranteed to brighten up a regular work day.

So here go a few fun facts! If you’ve been following me for a long time, it’s possible you may know some of these already, but hoping I’m able to share something new.

A Few Random Things About Me

I’m 36 years old.

I mentioned this on instagram last week (or the week before), but that was actually the first time I was specific about my age. When I first started blogging, at around 27-28, I secretly felt like I was going to age out of the industry. I’m not really sure why, but so many young, 20-something year olds were popping up and I would think “do I have an audience?” or “are 30+ year olds reading blogs on social media?” As the years went on and I started paying attention, I realized I was being crazy. If anything, as a blog reader myself, I loved when I’d find inspiration in somebody I could personally relate to. Inspiration when it came to fashion, life, beauty, motherhood and everything in between.

I’m so glad I waited to have Nate in my 30’s.

There’s no “right time” to have a child, but it simply boils down to the timing that is right for you and your significant other. My 20’s were a selfish time; I was traveling, living a spontaneous life, going wherever I pleased, whenever I pleased and just being carefree. Once my 30’s came around, life calmed down a bit and I was ready for the next phase of my life. I rarely feel like I’m missing out and overall, I just feel very content.

I’m terrible at time management.

Honestly, it’s one of my biggest flaws. If someone tells me that they’re picking me up at 8PM, I will be getting ready till 7:59. If that person is early, I panic since I usually calculate my time until that very last minute. It’s something I’m trying to get better at because when (and if) I’m early, I try to remind myself just how good that feeling is. To not be stressed, anxious or sweaty (because I’m rushing or panicking). If anyone has any tips to share, podcasts they’ve listened to or books they read, I welcome it all! Please share!

I don’t love my arms. No matter how much I work them out (and it’s quite a lot), they’re not as toned and “in shape” as I’d like. This is why you’ll rarely see me in something sleeveless. Lately, I’ve been upping my weights, so I’m hoping that will help. In the future, if you start seeing bare arms, you’ll know that I’m starting to feel good about all of my hard work!

Keith and I still continue our “friend night” tradition.

I believe I’ve touched on this in the past, but I’m a firm believer in having full lives outside of one another. Nate and Keith are my everything, but the reason we’re able to have a happy and successful marriage is because of this tradition. Before we had Nate, (at least) one night a weekend would be devoted to plans outside of each other. Somedays I made plans with my girlfriends and other days, I’d encourage him to go out so I could have the house (and tv) to myself. Fast forward to life with baby and this tradition still lives. Yes, it might be less than before, but it’s still a priority. If we’re unable to get a sitter, we’ll take turns swapping weekends. Either way, we make it work! It also gives us so much more to talk about and an opportunity to miss one another.

I recently had my brows mircobladed by Piret, ‘the Eyebrow Doctor.

I’m terrible at filling in or doing my own brows and it 1) makes getting ready so much quicker and 2) makes me feel better about myself. It’s kind of crazy what brows can do for a person. Piret is amazing and you can check out more of her work on her Instagram page. I’ve also heard that Monica, the other artist there, is equally fantastic.

One of the number one questions I get asked is whether my lashes are natural and I’m happy to report that they are! I’ve been using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost, in addition to getting them tinted and lifted. Since my lids are so heavy, it makes a world of a difference. However, in the photo above, I am wearing a bit of mascara as well.



  • AlLie

    I have to try that lash boost, your lashes look amazing!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, xAllie

  • Ray Amaari

    What I enjoyed most about this post is how honest it is.


  • Jamie

    I’ve never noticed you don’t show your arms, but have always thought you have a great bod!

  • Mette

    Love the picture! Your skin looks flawless 👌🏼

  • Mireia

    Wow girl I can’t believe those lashes are real!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Simona Adamcova

    I am terrible at time management as well and I always do it like you..I get ready till the last minute and I remember my husband being my boyfriend that time and waiting for me all the time 😀 and I was late 😀


  • Nicole Sioui

    Don’t ever remember seeing a close-up shot of you before?? Beautiful. What amazes me is your plump lips! What I’d do to have lips that ressemble yours.

  • marie

    What kind of mascara are you wearing? Looks great!

  • Emily

    Love how honest you are! It’s so nice to hear others have been selfish in their 20’s before starting a family. Traveling is our thing and people ask me all the time when my husband and I will be having kids, and I honestly answer – “I don’t know”!

  • Fatou

    this is amazing

  • Eva katsoudas

    You look great, I just turned 36 last month. Grande Lash is a great lash serum as well, I’ve had great results.

  • Chloe

    I love getting to know bloggers more, thanks for sharing this!

    Chloe x

  • docdivatraveller

    This is such an honest post! I have been following you for really long and love to know more about my favourite bloggers!

  • Lindsay

    I relate to this x 1 million. In an industry that feels like mid-30s+ are, dare I say, unicorns😏 it’s ALWAYS so nice and refreshing to meet other women, wives, moms persuing something creatively outside the norm. I just found you on IG and so glad I did! Thanks for much for sharing!!

  • MM


    Lawsuit happening with this lash boost FYI… not sure if I would use it? Have to research more.

  • BeingIsabella

    Babe, you look so so beautiful in this photo! I know it’s no fancy photograph, just a simple selfie (I’m assuming 😉 ) but you look so radiant and happy! I have got to try out that lash tint. It seems that every time I take off my mascara I’m pulling more and more lashes out. I really have to work on being more careful, but to have my eyelashes just a little longer would make me able to just curl my lashes not apply any mascara and feel confident 🙂


  • Amy M.

    Love this! Great honesty & tidbits about your life

  • Titanium Engineering

    Hello Dear,
    I am This is a wonderful article with lots of unique tips.I always come to your site and try to read all of your posts.

    Thank You So Much

  • Hope Ewing

    You inspire me!♥️

  • Trina Powell

    What do you use on your skin? It’s Flawless!

  • CIndy kloSs

    You look beautiful up close ! Your face is radiant and fresh.. however I think you need to work a bit more on your décolletage area.. age/sun spots are unfortunately very apparent. Maybe try using all those wonderful products all over the area. I am an esthetician abd always advice my clients to carry their “face routine” down- until they hit their bra 😉 hopefully it will help! XX

  • NicI

    Hi! New follower here, I loved this Q&A! It’s so refreshing to find bloggers in their 30’s because I have some of the same fears you spoke about. Are you wearing any other makeup in this photo? If you are or aren’t, have you shared your routine or what you use? You look so fresh and flawless.

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