March 19, 2021

Hair: The Two Accessories That Have Made a Huge Difference.

The Two Accessories That Have Made a Huge Difference | harry josh setting clips

The Two Accessories That Have Made a Huge Difference

These are two of the most underrated hair tools in my beauty arsenal. Two things I not only reach for, but now that I’ve incorporated them into my hair routine, I wouldn’t want to be without them.

Drybar clipsMy hair is naturally fine and a bit frizzy, particularly if I air dry it. I do my best to use as little heat as possible. But unfortunately, it needs a lot of guidance to make it look decent on those days.

Insert these clips from The Drybar (purchased at Sephora).

I’ve used plenty of other clips before, but there’s just something about the grip on these. They’re a bit stronger and really help in securing my hair.  On my no heat days, I’ll make two “Princess Leia” buns and use these to secure them. I finish off with some Oribe Dry Texturizing spray and some hair oil and I’m left with air dried hair that looks pretty decent.

setting clips from Harry Josh | The Two Accessories That Have Made a Huge DifferenceNext up are these setting clips from Harry Josh.

Whether I actually take the time to style my hair or simply use the above method, these have become my final step. It doesn’t hurt that they make me feel like I’m on some movie set, even though I’m usually just chasing around my children. They do a fabulous job at taming my hair, especially those front pieces, which always get the craziest.

I highly recommend both and if you try, please let me know if you love them as much as I do.



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