May 8, 2014

Giveaway with Caravelle New York!



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When I get asked the question “how would you describe your style?” My answer has varied over the years, but one thing has remained consistent:  it has always been inspired by New York City. The city is such a melting pot of cultures, food, music, art, and of course style, that it’s nearly impossible not to find inspiration wherever you go. I always say that my absolute favorite thing to do is to sit at an outdoor cafe (weather permitting, of course) and just people watch. I can do that for hours and when I do, I always get such a dose of inspiration.
That’s one of the main reasons I chose to work with Caravelle New York over the last several months. Aside from having such a great selection of affordable watches, Caravelle represents New York City, which resonates wtih me more than anything.
Today, 20 people will have a chance to win a Caravelle New York watch!
I’ll be reviewing your photos and selecting a grand prize winner, who will receive a full watch wardrobe and be featured on Caravelle New York’s Instagram and Facebook pages!
Here’s how to enter:
Follow Caravelle New York @Caravelle on instagram and share a photo of yourself in your best NYC-Inspired style with the hashtag #Caravelle. 
The first 20 people to receive 50 likes or more (during the contest period), will win a free Caravelle New York watch. Some of my favorites include this one and this one. Read more about the contest here.

Good luck!



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