August 12, 2019

Five Tips I’ve Learned for Dressing the Bump

white is great way to dress the baby bumpall outfit details listed below 

embrace your baby bump with form fittings

sneakers are great way to dress the baby bumpdressing the bump in layers dressing the bump in all whiteAs I’ve mentioned before, this pregnancy has taught me some new-found ways to be creative. It made me step out of my typical dressing style as denim, including denim shorts, don’t quite cut it in the hot summer months. Maternity version of denim shorts do exist, but I don’t love the look on me. I’ve basically lived in dresses as I’ve found them to be a) the most comfortable this time of year and b) some of the most flattering. In general, below are some tips that I’ve found that work well for me:

Tips That Have Worked For Me:

  1. Fitted dresses. In my “normal life,” I don’t always reach for form-fitting dresses as I often feel not toned enough (in the belly area), too bloated, too uncomfortable, etc, but they’ve been a dominant staple throughout this pregnancy. For starters, there’s no worrying about having to “suck it in,” which is a pretty liberating feeling. Rather, I find it the most flattering way to showoff the bump, my new curves and the amazing things our bodies can do. 
  2. A Layered Piece. If a form fitting dress is a bit too much out of your comfort zone (there are days I am not in the mood for 100% form fitting! especially in lighter colors), layer a piece on top. In the summer, I’ve been a fan of adding a cropped tee, a longer tee and tying a little knot above the belly or if it’s a chillier night, added a shorter sweater and rolling it under. There’ve been times where I haven’t loved how a completely fitted dresses, particularly in light colors, looks on my back. Ya know, sometimes pregnancy brings out those very attractive, mini back rolls around the bra area, at least for me. A shorter, layered piece is a great way to still show off the bump, but to hide the unflattering bits. For sweaters, I often get asked “how do you keep the sweater rolled?” The trick is a shorter sweater and one that comes in a material that’s “pliable” and will hold the fold. You could also try using a skinny belt under the sweater, to keep it in place.
  3. Belting. Speaking of belts, I’ve loved adding a belt above the bump, for when I want to feel a bit more dressed up. It’s a great way to play up the proportions and add a little interest to an outfit. A lot of my typical pant and denim belts have worked well for this. If you need to add some holes to your existing belts, bring them to any shoe repair or leather place. It should take them less than two minutes to add a hole.
  4. Spanx.  I’ve never been such a Spanx girl until I’ve entered this pregnancy. For lighter colored dresses or for when I need a seamless look, I’ve been loving this one. Granted, it may be too much material for the really hot days, so proceed with caution. On days when it’s not blistering, these have been my best friend.
  5. Sneakers. Again, I’ve never collected and worn so many sneakers in my life, but pairing them with dresses has become a no-brainer. Often, dresses can read a tad too feminine, so a casual sneaker is always an easy (and comfortable way) to tone it down.

Outfits Above: 1. Eyelet dress | 2. Black LBD with Saint Laurent Belt | 3. T-Shirt Belt (wearing a medium) with Golden Goose | 4. Storq Dress with old Theory Sweater & Zara Mules | 5. Topshop Skirt, ASOS tee and Manolo Blahnik Heels



  • Mireia

    You always manage to look so stylish!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Janine

    You look amazing in all these photos 🙂 This is such a cute post, I bet this will help a lot of the pregnant ladies out there! Would have never thought about adding a belt above the bump to feel a bit dressier!
    xx Janine

  • Rena

    Wow, you even know how to dress perfectly when you are pregnant! Love the looks!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Kate Lately

    Great tips! I’ll be tucking this post away until it’s time for me to dress a bump. I feel like you only get to do it a little while, you might as well have fun with it!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || fashion & lifestyle blog

  • Lisa Cooney

    I’m going to try some of these styling tips and I’m not even pregnant! BTW you look beautiful.

  • Julie

    You look gorgeous! Congrats on the baby on the way! 🙂 You were my go-to inspiration when I was pregnant, than you for always being so stylish, even when pregnant. I love following you!

  • Titan Gel

    You look amazing in all these photos 🙂 This is such a cute post, I bet this will help a lot of the pregnant ladies out there! Would have never thought about adding a belt above the bump to feel a bit dressier!


    How cool that you finally travelled with your girls and the kids! And your tips are sounding very good. Thanks for sharing.

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