June 24, 2020

Five Beauty Items That I’m Loving

Five Beauty Items That I'm Loving

Five Beauty Items That I’m Loving

Ever since my last beauty post, I’ve tried my fair share of beauty, makeup, hair and skincare products. From that bunch, these are the items that impressed me enough to make it into this post. Let’s jump right into it.

Five Beauty Items That I'm Loving

Luv Scrub:

I learned about this mesh body exfoliator from Grace and it’s officially replaced my loofah. It does such a great job at really cleaning and exfoliating the body, while still being gentle. The material is 100% nylon and feels soft enough, yet like it really preps the skin for whatever you’re going to apply after.  I also want to add: when I posted that I purchased this, I had a few people ask me whether it replaces my holy grail Salux cloth I’ve mentioned in the past. No, it does not replace it. However. I’d say they serve two different purposes. The Luv Scrub will be my daily wash cloth, whereas with the Salux cloth, I cannot use it daily. It’s a bit more aggressive (in a good way), something I love about it, so I use it about 1-2x a week.

Five Beauty Items That I'm Loving

Tan Luxe Body:

I’ve been wanting to find something that helped my glow-in-the-dark legs and arms, but that wasn’t as high maintenance as a full blown self tanner. Typically, I don’t love self tanners for the body. I find them to be a whole big to-do and quite frankly, I don’t have the time for that.  This gradual tan has been a very nice addition to my summer beauty regimen. It’s easy to apply and I find the color to settle in very naturally. Whether I’m applying tanner or not, I do exfoliate my body 1-2x a week, so I’d personally recommend that. I either use the cloth I just linked to or a body scrub of some sort, like the one from Necessaire. 

Also, an important tip. If you’re very fair, I recommend diluting your self tanner, even a gradual one like this, with some regular body lotion. One the tanner shows up (about 4 hours), you’ll be able to adjust accordingly for the next time. I typically do not dilute, but before applying,  I always add a layer of lotion to the areas where the tanner can settle: knees, elbows, wrists, top of my feet, ankles and by my under arms. This gradual tanner is definitely way more foolproof than a regular version, but I still prefer to add these steps in.

Prose Shampoo & Conditioner

Prose Shampoo & Conditioner:

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this pleased with a shampoo and conditioner. They approached me on whether I was interested in partnering with them and as always, I said I’d have to test drive the products first. Off the bat, I was impressed with how their process worked. I answered a series of questions on their site and based on that, they determined what my hair would need. The products arrived in beautiful packaging, something I’m a sucker for. Packaging aside, my hair simply loves it.

Essie Rock the Runway:

Essie Rock the Runway:

I’d consider red nail polish one of my beauty signatures. If I could wear one nail color for the rest of my life, it would have to be red. For the last few years, I’ve been reaching for Essie gel polishes since they tend to last a few days longer than regular polish. They don’t require any lamps or anything like that, but it’s something about the formula. If I was forced to pick my favorite red, it has to be this one. It’s a true, classic red. If you do plan to get this, make sure you get the Essie gel top coat.

Nécessaire Body Serum:

I’ve spoken about my love for Nécessaire in the past. After that initial post, I ended up working with the team on a longterm basis, which has been one of my favorite partnerships. One thing of theirs that I haven’t mentioned on here is the body serum. I equate it to Hyaluronic Acid for the body. I typically add a few pumps into their body lotion (or whatever lotion you’re using) and it adds such a nice layer of extra hydration.

Also, big news! They recently started carrying the entire line in Sephora. I love the entire range, but if I had to pick three favorites it would be the body wash (again, I like them all but Sandalwood is probably my #1), the body lotion and the serum. 

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  • Mireia

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Rach

    You have convinced on the luv scrub. I am for sure getting it!


  • Janine

    The essie gel top coat and nail polishes are my absolute favs!! I’ve found that no brand last as long AND looks shiny as long as this polish does. That body scrub cloth looks so interesting!
    xx Janine

  • MaNeet

    I have been using Prose for a year and love it!

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  • Leanne

    HI there, Just wanted to ask, I’d clicked the link for the nail polish but the actual Shade does not come up. What is the name of that color red? Great recommendations!

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