February 20, 2019

Is Augustinus Bader Cream Worth the Hype? My Review:

Augustus Bader Rich Cream, Beauty Skincare Review, Helena of Brooklyn BlondeFinally. I got around to trying the very hyped about, very expensive, Augustinus Bader Rich Cream. Dubbed as Victoria Beckham’s favorite and the one & only product she wanted to have backstage at her show!

In short, I get the hype. Like I really, really get it. This is the most expensive skincare product I have ever purchased and after using The Rich Cream for a little over a month, my skin has been spoiled by facial creams forever. The caveat? It ranges between $160-$265 per bottle, depending on size.

Augustinus Bader Rich Cream Review

The background story:

When Augustinus Bader, a medical professor who spent over 30 years researching stem cell science, created this cream, he never sought out for it to be a consumer skincare brand. The focus of his work was to help burn victims and figure out a scar-free healing treatment for the disfigured. Bader says that our bodies hold the innate ability to heal and regenerate on their own; and with the help of stem cell technology, this game-changing product was born. Bader was inspired by hydrogel, which eliminated the needs for skin grafts in certain burn victims and made healing quicker and easier. Both face cream formulas build off the technology to encourage optimal skin health.

The products:

Augustinus Bader only has two products: The Rich Cream and The Cream. I’ve only tried The Rich Cream so I cannot comment on the other formula. When they came out with their smaller size bottle, I figured that for the sake of “research,” I needed to know. I was on the hunt for a luxurious, thicker cream to use at night, so I opted for the richer of the two formulas.

The lowdown:

I’m always a little cautious with overly praising certain skincare products, especially when they cost this much. I would hate for someone to shell out hundreds of dollars based on my recommendation and be left disappointed. With that being said, if I’m impressed with a product (or unimpressed), I’m here to be honest with my review. The Rich Cream is the best cream I have ever used. There, I said it. As I mentioned above, it’s thick, creamy, and applies like no other cream I have ever tried; it’s almost hard to explain. Once it soaks in, your skin is left way more hydrated and has this overall glow about it.

The application:

To achieve optimal results, it is suggested that the cream is used on freshly cleansed skin. I’ve tried that and it’s been wonderful but after playing around with different applications, I love it when applied after the P50. I still consider that to be ‘freshly cleansed skin’ since there’s not a thick barrier of serum blocking the Bader cream. If I want extra moisture before I go to bed, I’ll layer a facial oil on top. Using Vintners Daughter on top of The Rich Cream is a dream, but I sensitive to the fact that this is a rich mans skincare routine. But again, I’m just being honest. Keep in mind: this combo is absolutely not necessary to benefit from the beautiful results that Augustinus gives!

Where can I buy & What size?

They sell it at NET-A-PORTER, Violet GreyNeiman Marcus, and Barneys, to name a few. Both of his creams come in two sizes: 30ml and 50ml.  As a reminder, I have only tried The Rich Cream so I cannot comment on the regular cream.

Is it worth it?

Yes, I think it is. I was never inclined to write a separate post about a facial cream until this one came along. To repeat what I mentioned above: it makes my skin look and feel so good. It looks more radiant, brighter and just “silkier.” I know that’s a weird description, but it’s what comes to mind!  And hey, if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for me.

Shop Augustinus Bader:

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  • Roses for Fridays | by mia

    Merci for the review, always interesting in new beauty products!

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Claire

    Uh oh, looks like I’ll need to invest in this too… I love all of your skincare recommendations – starting using P50 a couple of years ago thanks to you, and it’s completely transformed my skin. Thank you as always for investing in and sharing your “research”!

    • Helena

      Ahh, So glad to hear that P50 worked for you!

  • Rena

    Thanks for your honest opinion. Now I want it to try too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Mireia

    Such a great product!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Casey

    What results did you see exactly?

    • Helena

      Healthier looking skin. Smoother, brighter, plumper.

  • Enb

    Do you think it helped appearance of skin? Acne? fine lines?

    • Helena

      fine lines – I can see them looking plumper/smoothing out. Acne – hard to tell as I don’t currently have any.

  • TeamPlus India

    It’s a great spot to find new information. Here we all can learn a lot of useful things. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. – it staffing company in hyderabad

    TeamPlus India

  • Bonnie

    Just FYI violet grey has 20% during Black Friday for augustinus bader. And do you use this twice a day everyday or only when you feel the need for twice application?

    • Helena

      Oooh good to know about the 20% during their next sale.

      I’ve only been using at night! Trying to conserve – ha! In the mornings, I typically just use a hyaluronic acid and my SPF as a moisturizer.

  • Michelle

    I recently did the same as you. Purchased the smallest bottles of both the regular and the rich version for testing and I love, love, love the rich version. So much in fact I just ponied up for the full size bottle (I use both morning and evening) It’s unreal how many people have commented on my skin. Worth every penny for my soon to be 40 skin 😍

    • Helena

      Hi Michelle,
      So glad to hear you agree!! I’m about to splurge on the full size myself!

    • Meredith

      Michelle – how would you compare the rich to the regular?

  • Jae

    If Helena writes a whole separate post about a facial cream, it’s really good! I think I’ll put it on my shopping list and grab it soon!

  • maricela

    Thank you for the recommendation, I am always on the lookout for innovative skincare. If you tried and liked it, knowing how careful you are with your recommendations, I will go for it.

  • Nina

    Is this a cream that can be used sporadically or does it need to used daily to see benefits?

    • Helena

      They say that overtime, you will see benefits after continued use, but I just love how it makes my skin look/feel, even after using for a night.

  • Claire M.

    I just purchased The Rich Cream! Do you apply on/near your eye area?

    • Helena

      Crossing fingers you love! Yes, I apply around my eye area!

  • Anne

    Okay… this was not the review I was hoping for. I mean; now I HAVE TO try it;) I had read Grace Atwood’s review and was so tempted. But now it is settled. I trust your skincare advice so much. And come to think of it. If this means that I do not have to buy any more expensive serums, then it might not be that expensive at all.

  • Ro

    Hi Helena: I believe you go to Russak Dermatology but used Center Aesthetic for Fraxel. I also go to Russak for my skin check ups but get facials done at Center. Would you recommend getting laser treatment done at Center given its not performed by a dermatologist?

    • Helena

      Hi Ro,
      I love Center and would really recommend them for anything. Dr. Cheryl Karcher is the one who did my fraxel and is a dermatologist! Highly recommend her.

      Hope that helps!

  • Regina

    Thank you for this review. It was on my radar but this convinced me to make the purchase. Cannot wait for it to arrive!

  • A Woman Of A Certain Age

    Interesting. Personally, I wouldn’t pay that much for a cream.


  • KarLa

    I’ve been on the hunt for a new nighttime cream and will definitely be giving the small size a try! Could I layer over my Retin-A at night?

  • Carrie

    Thanks for the detailed review! Any update on the result if you are still using the cream. since you use retinol, do you use it on alternate night or have you stop using it altogether?

  • Marina Melki

    I got both in 15ml. I put all over face cream and on my cheeks as they are more dry rich on top. Love the feeling. Love the effect. I live in Australia do ice skating and always have rosy cheeks. Actually had. Now my skin looks glowing and cheeks hydrated.

  • buy pavers perth

    Wow! Expensive! I take your word for it that it’s worth it. I tend not to need a facial cream, but I love my mattifying primer

  • Lisa

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  • Lisa

    This is such an informative post! I’m studying for my WSET Diploma and came across this while looking for details on various trellising methods. Very clear and easy to understand – thank you! 🙂

  • Kristina

    I couldn’t agree more- I have been loving the AB Rich cream since I first tried it. I have both versions, and while the regular is lovely (and it was my first purchase), it was only when I bought the rich cream that I felt that I didn’t want to ever run out. I have had success with many of the same products as you, so perhaps we have similar skin types? Anyway, I would recommend asking for a sample of the regular if you’re curious, bc IMO the Rich cream is where it’s at! As I said, both are lovely, but the Rich is the “wow” version, at least for my skin!

  • Holly

    Hi there! Just wondering if you use this product while pregnant? Would love to hear about your skincare routine while pregnant and/or breastfeeding!

  • Iva Kalbova

    Actually you shouldn’t use this cram after P50 . This cream content retinol and Biologique Recherche dot go with retinol especially p50.
    As well the cream is with alcohol which is an other No for sensitive skin

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