February 20, 2011

Feminine Edge

H&M Trend Blazer, DIY Seven Cut Offs, Miu Miu Shoes, A. McQueen Scarf, Zara Belt, Lipstick: MAC Impassioned.
When I was the ages between 13-16, half of my closet consisted of pink clothes. Actually,  probably more than half my closet, more like 75% of my closet. I had clothes ranging in every single shade of pink from light pink to fuchsia. Needless to say, after that phase was up, I stayed away from pink for a long time. Especially with my blonde hair, I felt the combination was a bit…I don’t know, Barbie-ish? Eventually I got past my “no pink rule” but when I wear it, I like to combine it with opposite elements. In this case, I felt my cut off denim shorts and skull scarf provided a good balance between the softness and girlishness that I often associate with the color, adding an edgy element.

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  • stilettolover91

    HOT!!!! Love the shoes!!!


  • Valentina

    The mcqueen skull scarf is awesome in Black and pink!

    the chic attitude

  • Crris

    Adore this outfit, probable my favourite of this year!

  • Twins

    Really good idea with this combination! I love pnk too 🙂
    i love ur blazer and skull scarf!

  • Queen.OnSet

    loving the shoes. ordered the blazer afew weeks ago, hope it looks as good on me as it does on you 🙂


  • EllysMakeupbag

    Omg the shoes…Miu Miu never fails, so gorgeous.

  • Jo

    Absolutely LOVE thst jacket – can't believe it's only from H&M, it looks much more expensive. Must be the way you wear it!!

    Jo xoxo

  • Law Fashionista

    These shoes are truly amazing! I love how you wear them during the day and do not limit yourself by only wearing them for nights out! Though I am biased because I also love pink and own a blush pink blazer of my own 🙂 Great outfit! xx

  • Nicola

    Love this outfit, and your shoes are amazing! x

  • Lana

    Absolutely LOVE your outfit! One of your best so far I think! 🙂

    Also those shoooooeeees! I HAVE to have those! Absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T!


  • Daisy

    Love this outfit!!

  • StyleMePretty

    I love this outfit…super cute!

  • Catita

    great outfit! I am so in love with the Miu Miu heels! they are so beautiful! and so is the H&M blazer! Is it from this season?

  • Andee Layne

    im drooling over your miu miu's and that blazer is fantastic!! Ive been eyeing one like it by theory xoxo

  • helena

    Oh my gosh I love that blazer and heels ♥

  • Estefania Lovelifefashion

    The combination is perfect. I don't know what I like the most… the blazer? The heels? Maybe the shorts? The scarf? can I say EVERYTHING??
    You look gorgeous Helena, plus the city you are in makes the pics just perfect.
    Kisses lovely beautiful girl 😉

  • Meri.

    I love this miu miu! amazing!!!


  • Rene Braun

    Oh these shoes!!! LOve the colors and you beautiful like always!!!


    You are welcome to visit my blog! Kisses :))

  • mirjam schuurkamp!

    wow you really stand out!
    so pretty!
    love the blazer!
    nd cant get over the color of your lipstick! so lovely

    i have a new outfit post Check it out!

    xo model from holland

    everyday new post

  • DediLovesFashion

    love this outfit. =)


    Love the outfit

  • fashion mixture

    woooow! nice outfit 🙂

  • Becky

    Love this outfit, those shoes are amazing!

  • Her name is Sophie

    This is one fabulous outfit dear!

    x Je suis Sophie

  • Ashley

    MMM, that blazer is lovely and you totally toughened it up!

  • Sher

    Bought a similar blazer last friday at Zara and I didn't know what to wear with it but you totally inspired me!

    p.s I really need to have that scarf it's ubercool!


  • La Petite Olga

    This outfit looks so amazing!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • handmade clothes

    fantastic blazer and scarf

  • Margaret

    Pale pink can be hard to wear but it suits you perfectly! good contrast with skull scarf and killer heels!

    Love Mgt x


  • www.girlonsycamore.com

    love the outfit, especially those shoes

  • GlamorousGirl

    love ur pink blazer! 🙂
    great scarf

    follow me on:

  • Star-Light

    beautiful outfit and i love your hair!


  • Rebel Attitude

    woooooooow, I love your blazer and your amazing shoes!!

  • Pancakes and pearls

    I just love your blazer and scarf!!!

  • Catherine

    perfect. perfect. PERFECT! I looooove your scarf and shoes together <3


    you look great! those shoes are fantastic.


  • Irina

    hi there! i just came across your blog and i fell in love with it! i love your style!!! come check out my blog and follow if you like it, i promise i will do the same!

  • Michelle Chic

    i know wat u mean, i'm a pinkaholic when i was younger!

  • 2Anchor

    I love this! Seven are my favorite:) I'm the same way with pink, although I have dark hair….I feel as though pink is very very feminine color.


  • Emily Anne

    i love it! its so girly and fun.
    and i love the verizon building in the background lol

  • Lindsey Regan Thorne be pretty

    So glad I found your blog! Love blondes that wear red lips… my fav combo!

  • elizabeth s.

    Love this entire look girl! Those shoes are beautiful and even more so paired with black tights!



  • Emilie

    The combination is perfect! Love the entire look! xx

  • Sara

    I am kinda like You 🙂

    And I am loving nudes and light pinks right now 🙂

    I really need those Miu miu's 😛

    Kiss from Portugal,


    Adorable outfit…great look…love it! Beautiful pics and post!

  • Anna Jane

    oh my gosh, those shoes….you look amazing helena. glad you're wearing pink again…it's definitely your color!

  • potpie du monde

    That blazer & scarf combination is so chic! You look amazing!

  • Ana

    I love all these pink hues! Between the blazer, the lipstick, the nail polish, the scarf and the shoes, I think this is pink heaven without going overboard. This is truly proof that you can incorporate plenty of pink in your outfit without looking too Barbie-like. Gorgeous!

  • Toothfairy

    love the outfit. I think this outfit shows you can't give somebody a stamp on what they wear, because the blazer screams "cute!" and the scarf screams "rock 'n roll!"

  • JenlovesBal

    Ah!! Love all the black and pink.

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Thank you guys!!! Yes, the blazer is from this seasons trend section. Got it about a month ago!

  • Liesl

    Love the outfit!! Nice blazer and shoes!!

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    Yeah, those shoes took my breath away Helena!

  • Lovera | Your Way to Radiant and Beautiful Skin

    Wow you can be a professional model! You're good.

  • Bailey Hospodor

    Love this post! Cute outfit!


  • sobefashionista

    The outfit is sexy and it looks so comfortable which is always a plus! : D

  • Alicia

    Love this look! Those Miu Mius are to die for!

  • Elle

    Love your scarf….so glad I found your blog! FOLLOWING 😉

    Have always wanted to try tights + shorts….we shall see!
    love, live & wear
    xo, L

  • cocoscocoon

    I have the same jacket. You look fabolous 😀

  • t

    Hot look. Luv it!


  • fashion.gossipmk

    Love it! Your shoes are amazing!
    Xoxo, K.

  • http://glamormission.blogspot.com

    Love this look, i will definitely be duplicating it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Anet

    so beautiful girl, like it.
    great blog.

    p.s hello from ukraine)

  • Cami

    lovely! i am following you!!


  • GoldBlackMirror

    love theses shoes!!!!

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