May 4, 2014

Classic Moments

When TONI&GUY asked me to show some of my classic go-to hair looks, it was a no brainer. Especially, since I’ve already been using their products ever since working with them last year. This time around, I’d be showing 5 of my classic go-to’s. My first one above, is my quintessential classic look: a sleek, low bun.  Not only is it easy as hell and the least time consuming style ever, but it always makes me feel polished and put together. After hopping out of hte shower, I put a little extra conditioner in my hair, let it soak in and then using the TONI&GUY Smoothing lotion to get rid of any flyways and frizzes.

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I often wear a high bun, but depending on my mood, I will wear one that’s slightly messier and textured. It’s still a classic look, but taken a little less seriously. 
tginsta2And then there’s this version, which is the ultimate “classic ballerina bun..” sleek with no hairs out of place. This one definitely requires a lot more hairspray so the hair stays in place from morning to night.TG3e
On our last day in Dallas last week, Sam came downstairs with this ponytail and I could not stop staring at it. So much that I asked if I could snap a picture to share for this series. A ponytail is always classic, but this one was slightly more playful. Higher than what I normally wear myself and with lots of texture. I was in love! Sadly, I don’t know if this style would look as good on me, but I definitely plan to give it a go.
Simple side hair braid. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!
I would love to see all of your classic inspired looks! Upload your hair photos to instagram and use the hashtag #toniguyclassic. Also Toni & Guy has provided an exclusive coupon for Brooklyn Blonde readers at Target. Please see below!

Lastly, this week, Arielle will be focusing on glamour hairstyles, so follow along for some more hair inspiration! 

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