January 11, 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags

Probably one of the most frequent requests I get is to see my handbag collection, so I pulled out my favorites and finally snapped some pics. There are plenty of girls (and bloggers) who have far more impressive collections, but these are my favorites that I’ve accumulated over the years.
Ever since I started making my own money, I’ve always “invested” in bags. I use the term invest because that’s how I like to look at it in terms of my wardrobe. I rarely ever go into a store and spend $100 on a bag, but I’d rather put that $100 aside for months (or even longer if I have to) and then spend it on a bigger ticket item that puts the exclamation point at the end of my outfit. Obviously this wouldn’t work for everyone, but it’s definitely my personal preference.
I’ve had many other bags throughout the years and if I don’t use it or don’t love it anymore, I sell it. Plain and simple.  I’ll then take that money and put it towards something else that I’m saving up for.
Lastly, I must admit, I’ve never paid full price for any of the above handbags. Whether I buy from a consignment shop or from a reputable seller on eBay, I usually pay a lot less than retail.

a Few Tips:

*As I said before, when buying from eBay, please make sure you buy from a reputable seller. Get proper pictures and research the item to know what you’re looking for. There are a lot of fakes out there so be careful! I’ve been very lucky with some of the items I’ve grabbed after proper research.

*If you’re looking to buy a designer handbag, you want to get something that’s classic and timeless. Unless it’s in your budget, I wouldn’t opt for an “it” bag. You might think “you’ll get so much use out of it” but a year later, you’ll probably be sick of it. Trust me, I’ve been there.

*Please don’t go broke (or into debt) when buying a handbag. Put some $$ aside every pay check, sell some things you don’t want on eBay and you’ll be surprised how quickly that adds up.

Hope that helps!




  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    Such a great selection dear, I couldn't agree more with your lovely tips as well 😉

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • mirjam schuurkamp!

    hee babe!
    i gave you an award!
    check my blog(L)

    XO model from holland


  • Estefania Lovelifefashion

    Great collection 🙂 I totally agree with your tips 😉


    Love your Balenciagas. Perfect!

  • laxfashion

    nice bags, i agree with you on the tips


  • Krizia

    I also see a good bag as an investment.
    They'll probably stay with you your whole life if you treat they right!
    (Try to explain that to the boyfriend, haha.)
    I love the bags you have, great collection!

    x Krizia


  • diana kang

    amazing collection! xx

  • ShaGlam

    They are such beauties! Thanks for the tip…and good points. I have a bunch of mid-range bags, but I get way more use out of my "nicer" bags. I might as well just save up for a couple big purchases a year.

  • Lydia

    That's quite an amazing collection you have there. Don't think there is a bag I don't like the look of!
    In the last year or so I've definitely become one of those people who would rather save up to get more expensive, quality items. I'm currently saving up for a Mulberry – of course, something classic xxx

  • Vicky

    Love your little collection of Chanel bags. I'd kill for either of them on my arm x

  • Hilary

    Great advice! your collection is so pretty. I can't wait til I own my own Chanel. siiigghhhh 🙂
    Hey Hilary

  • Santina

    I agree that a timeless bag is a great investment. You have some amazing pieces that you will wear for years! Thanks for sharing!


  • Becky

    Love this post, your Balenciagas are amazing!

  • Catita

    ah! great collection, I love the red LV! I do the same, invest in designer bags, it is really MY favorite things along with shoes!

  • Taylor

    LOVE YOUR Post!!! Soo true about picking classics! If you are going to splurge then get something that will last you a life time. I am hoping to add a Chanel one day….I need to do eBay searches more – I am so lucky my Hubs adores me and has gotten me all of mine!

  • Kristen

    Ummmm I'm dying over your Chanel Cross bodies. Definitely my next "investment".

  • Olga

    Love your collection! And I love your Balenciagas even more. Thanks to your blog I fell in love with Balenciaga and luckily I got one for my birthday from my H. and worn this one every single day.


  • dani@callitbeauty

    great tips, helena!

    i've been wanting to invest in designer handbags ever since i discovered your blog. i'll definitely start putting away some money for that 🙂

  • StyleFrost

    Gorgeous collection! Love the balenciaga bags and the red chanel!

  • Lena

    Your post gives me hope girl! That maybe one day the Balenciaga of my dreams will come in my hands! 😛

    Love, Lena!


  • renerene

    Thank YOU for a tips!!! I'm looking for a nice handbag :)) Ebay it's a nice idea but if you living in us it's better, shipping to israel is very expensive…


    You are welcome to visit my blog too :))

  • Miri

    I adore your collections and your tips are great 🙂

  • Babe Jane

    i love your chanel bags 🙂 want one too 😀

    Babe Jane – blonde way of fashion


    Such great advice! I couldn't agree more with you!
    I think you have a pretty impressing collection ♥

  • Alicia

    Great purse buying advice… dying over your red chanel bag!!

  • Alyssa

    Lovely collection Helena!

    I really love what you said about bags being the exclamation point to an outfit. So true!

  • Flavia


  • lisa

    a girl after my own heart! a beautiful handbag def is the exclamation point to an outfit!

    love those vintage chanels.. soo gorgeous.

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    so pretty & great tips Helena. I love the Balenciaga's lined up like that- they look like candy!

  • vivalablonda

    Wow thats a nice collections! I'm trying to achive mine x) Those are good tips!


  • Pearls&Politics

    What beautiful bags and wonderful advice!! 🙂

  • jEm

    these bags are all amazing how do you choose just one every day?



  • Chrissy

    What a great bag collection! You inspired me to buy my very first vintage Chanel piece, which should be arriving very soon.

  • Elizabeth Hope

    OMG I Heart your blog!! Theses bags are amazing! Im in heaven! haha! I love your header! I want one like that haha!

    Visit my blog soon?!

  • Chantelle

    That's such great advice for young girls who want to invest in a designer purchase. Magnificent collection, I can see why each piece gets so much wear: they're ideal outfit bags.

  • Val V.

    amazing bags!!
    I Love chanel in red 🙂


  • Maggie ☮

    I really appreciate that you put those tips after the post :). You have quite the collection.

  • Michelle Chic

    i love ur collection! u have so many amazing pieces!


    wow, you've an amazing collection, so jealous! <3


  • Lana

    Wow, your collection is fabulous! I've been trying to find a decent Balenciaga on eBay but I'm just never sure enough that it's not a fake after all… :-/


  • Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    fantastic collection and great tips, I absolutely agree about going for the classics, iv had 2 balenciaga bags for years now, many years actually, and I still wear them and love them

  • Nita -Karoliina

    Ok, since you have 3 balenciagas, can you give me one ? 😀
    ha ha, seriously, great post. You have a nice collection.

    check out my new give away 🙂

  • Erica Wark

    I love your collection! a couple of those are actually on my 2011 wish list! I also think you gave great tips for new shoppers! Its so important to buy real, and support the industry!!

    I'm loving your blog, and I'm you NEWEST follower! I would love if you visited me and followed me back :)!

    xx Erica


  • Olya Nikol Pishcheva

    Bags are my passion. ~

  • Elise Ford

    Great advice! Having a few fantastic, quality bags instead of multiple disposable items is key.

    Follow me @

  • Angga

    Great advice and great selection, that exactly what I do too with my designer handbags, I usually bought them from ebay, I sold half of my LV collection already but keeping the ones that I love the most

  • Fashion-Resort!

    i want your bags!!!! beautiful selection,dear!

  • Tinkerbellshimmer

    wow I really like your bags =D

  • mirjam schuurkamp!

    im waiting for a new possstt(L)


    XOmodel from holland

    everyday new posts Come take a look (L)

  • Be your muse.

    I love bags too… bags and shoes are my obsession!


  • Jandira

    i love the chanel bags….:)

  • gina

    Lovely collection. My philosophy is the opposite of yours: I spend very little on bags and prefer to get them from bargain basements and thrift stores. I have been pretty lucky with some of my finds though. Now that I'm a bit more settled into my career, I would like to invest in a nice bag in the next year or two. Something stylish, but simple, that would also work for court. Nice, but not too showy. Maybe Kate Spade?

  • GlamorousGirl

    lave the red one! so much!
    and the tips are great 🙂
    follow me on:

  • Liesl

    I love your collection and your post! Thanks for all the tips. I am saving for one now!

  • Nouvelle vague

    Waw what a collection !
    I love the Chanel !!!!

  • Ashley

    Thanks for commenting on my post! I adore your red Chanel chainstrap bag. Beautiful!


    oh my!!! you are a very very lucky girl!!

  • Emy

    You have an amazing collection. I'm not nearly there, better yet, not at all but I'll get there some day. I don't know how some bloggers do it out there..pretty crazy
    Enjoy these babies, they are beautiful!



  • Meg

    Great tips! Love your investments 😉 Especially the Chanels… I'll have to use your tips to add one to my collection one day 🙂


  • Jeanie Photography

    A girl can't have enough bags!

    Love them all! Especially the Chanel bags 🙂



  • QueenVII

    wonderful and inspiring post. Maybe my dream balenciaga really isn't that far out of my reach! you have a new follower in me!

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