February 5, 2020

Artipoppe Baby Carrier Review

Brooklyn Blonde blogger Helena Glazer using the Artipoppe Baby Carrier Review

Artipoppe Baby Carrier Review

I get so many questions on my Artipoppe Zeitgeist carriers and I get why. Aside from being incredibly beautiful and eye-catching, they’re very expensive as far as carriers go, ranging roughly from $297 to $826. 

In full transparency, when I was pregnant with Sasha, they very generously gifted me one. I ended up loving it so much that I purchased another print by myself (worn below). So that in itself should explain how I feel about it.

First and foremost, the quality, the prints and the craftsmanship are beautiful! Truly unlike any others I’ve seen on the market. At this point, I’ve used it many times and I could confirm that it’s incredibly comfortable, very easy to put on and I could wear it for hours without it breaking my back. It is the most comfortable carrier that I’ve worn and tried on.

All of that aside, I absolutely love what it does to a simple mom outfit. I can be wearing black leather leggings and a sweater and as soon as the carrier is put on, I feel and look way more stylish. I look at it like an investment into my outfit as much as a pair of boots, a cool jacket or a handbag. Now, don’t get me wrong. If the craftsmanship and comfort were not top notch, I would NOT think it would be worth the price tag. Thankfully, they’re as beautifully made as they are to wear and to look at.

Brooklyn Blonde blogger Helena Glazer with her son and carrying her baby using the Artipoppe Baby Carrier ReviewFaux Fur: H&M | Leggings: Commando (wearing a size small) | Sneakers: Axel Arigato

How would the carrier work in warmer weather? 

I’ve edited this post to answer this frequently asked question. Over the last month, we’ve had some really hot days, so I finally feel comfortable enough answering this. I used the above, 100% cotton tweed carrier and quite honestly, I found it comfortable and breathable enough. The truth is, I think that if it’s a scorching day and you have a human pressed to your body, after a certain amount of time, it’s going to get hot with any carrier. However, if you’re debating one of these and you go with a 100% cotton or a linen blend option, you’ll be fine. It’s just important to have realistic expectations on a very hot day.

They actually answer this exact question on their site as it’s definitely a common one.

Do I think it’s worth it?

It depends. If you’re planning to wear your baby for awhile and regularly, I’d say it is worth it. Can you get a great carrier for less? Absolutely. With that being said, I treat it as the best type of functional accessory!  And hey, if you’re pregnant and having a baby shower, could be a good item to add to your registry. Just an idea.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comment section and I’ll be sure to answer.



  • Mary

    Have you tried the ergo 360? How does this compare? I was considering buying the artipope but wasn’t sure how good the ergonomics are for the baby

    • Helena

      I did! the 360 is a great carrier, but I found the Artipoppe (looks aside) more comfortable. And I know it’s designed with ergonomics fully in mind!

      With that being said, if someone doesn’t want to spend all that money on an Artipoppe (which I get), the 360 is a great option.

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  • Floranet

    Worth Appreciating. Great work.

  • Catherine

    Completely agree! I had the Baby Bjorn carrier one with my first two kids and while I loved that one – it took a lot more time to put on and put my kid in it. Antipoppe is so easy to put on and so comfortable

    • Helena

      agreed!! so so easy.

  • Marisa

    So glad you’ve reviewed this carrier! I have tried the Moby, the K-Tan, Bjorn, Lillebaby, and Konny…the Artipoppe is BY FAR the most comfortable and easiest to put on carrier ever. Even better, I was able to score the zebra print on sale after Christmas! Also possibly my favorite design aspect of it is that if my baby falls asleep and I don’t care to carry him around the house for 3 hours it is super easy to simply unlatch the straps and pull down the front to gently move him to his crib without waking up. Beyond obsessed with it! ❤️

    • Helena

      ooh and great to know as you’ve tried more carriers than I have!

    • Maddie

      Love my zeitgeist but according to artipoppe you can’t wear babies front facing in it so I ended up buying an ergo too.

    • Nas

      hey! looking for one for my son due in march. where’d you find this on sale? thanks!

  • Tiffany

    I am due in 2 days, was gifted two other carriers but been eyeing these pre-pregnancy. I think you sold me on it. Which style would you recommend works best for newborns? It looks like the one you bought is a bit smaller, easier to use?

    • Helena

      Hmm I’m pretty sure that all of their styles are from newborn to 2 years old. I started carrying her at 3 weeks… But their website has so much helpful info. Definitely recommend checking out the details!

  • Elina

    I am also curios on the sizing- how long would the baby last? For first 6 months or up till a year ?

    • Carol

      I have the same carrier but in leopard.
      You can carry until around the age of 2. My son is now 21 months and still loves it. You can adjust the width for the legs. Almost al the carriers Artipoppe sells are the convertibles and are from birth. Their website has an overload on information 🤗.

    • Helena

      It say up until 2 years old. I don’t see myself carrying her that long, but I definitely see us using it till at least a year and then some. As Carol (above) posted, her son is 21 months and still using it!

  • Stephanie

    Did you get the zeitgeist and the wrap/sling? I’m wondering what you thought of each if so!

    • Helena

      didn’t try the sling! just the zeitgeist!

  • Bridget

    I have the black and white houndstooth version you’re wearing on my registry…wondering if you think the fabric would be too thick for summer?? I’m due at the end of May! Thanks for this post!

    • Helena

      Hmmm good question!
      The truth is, on a really hot day, any extra layer + baby to your chest will be hot! With that being said, I think the material would work although probably a little thicker than some lighter mesh ones out there.

  • MaRisa

    I think you convinced me that I need this! Any pattern suggestions that you think will work with a lot of different looks?

    • Helena

      Hi! I think it depends on your wardrobe palette. I have a few friends who got the leopard bc it really does act like a neutral and compliments their wardrobe nicely. They have a few leopard options – both in the brown family and in the black/grey family!

  • Diana

    You mentioned you bought another one yourself in the picture below, are they the same print? Not sure if my eyes are deceiving me but I can’t really tell the difference lol

    • Helena

      Hi! same print but one is black and white cotton and the other is a tan and black cashmere. I know they look super similar in the photos!

  • Betsie

    Love! This may sound ridiculous, but I have a tiny 3lb Chihuahua (she’s my baby) that I take with me everywhere. Wish they had a pet carrier line!

  • Tanya

    Have you tried to face baby outwards? Is it possible? Is baby annoyed facing in?

  • Sophie

    Love the carrier! Here’s a discount code for $56 💖 https://referral.shop.artipoppe.com/l/1SOPHIEFERR07/

  • Katie

    It says One Size Fits All. Is it adjustable/would it work if you’re curvier? Can my 6’4″ husband wear it?

    • Helena

      Hi Katie,
      It’s definitely adjustable! I don’t speak from experience as my husband doesn’t wear it, but I’ve seen men wear it on their Instagram. If you’re unsure, def reach out to them via DM.

  • Erin Jolley

    Any experience with BABY ARGUS OAT? I definitely want to get one of Artipoppe’s carriers and love this color but am worried about a white-ish color & baby poop! It is my first pregnancy. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Helena

      Hi Erin,
      I do not! Sorry.

  • Steffi Schwarz

    Great review! I was wondering how you would rank the carrier heat-wise? Does it get warm and sweaty or is it breathable? It’s getting quite warm now and I don’t want a sweaty boiled baby 😂

    • Helena

      Hi Steffi,

      I just answered this question within my original post as it’s been one that’s been asked a lot! hope this helps!

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  • Nadia

    Do you prefer the cashmere or the cotton one if you had to purchase just one?

  • JH

    Did your little one comfortably face out in this carrier? I’m struggling with the Bjorn.

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