October 8, 2021

An Outerwear Edit

This year, I’ve given myself some strict rules to follow – no new outerwear unless I sell or donate one piece for every new one that I bring in. It’s one of my biggest fashion weaknesses, especially when they’re so many good things out right now.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that are out right now for almost every occasion: school pickup, a casual fall & winter day or when you need to look extra sharp. All at various price points.

An Outerwear Edit

The photos are all clickable or if you prefer, everything is listed out below.

H&M Light Beige Coat:

Nanushka Jamie Coat:

Alo Yoga Cargo Sherpa Jacket:

Mango Scarf Wool Coat:

Anine Bing Hunter Coat:

SAM. Freestyle Bomber Jacket:

Mango Pocketed Wool Coat:

H&M Quilted Down Jacket:




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