October 4, 2021

A Casual Fall Look in Alex Mill.

woman fashion Fall Look in Alex Mill with two children and a dog

woman fashion Fall Look in Alex Mill with two child and a dogSweater: Alex Mill (wearing a small and it comes in a variety of beautiful colors) | Leggings: Commando | Sneakers: Chuck 70

The cardigan that I’m wearing is Alex Mill, a brand I first discovered from Alicia, last year.

Casual Fall Look in Alex Mill

She wore this striped version and when I tried to snag it, it was already sold out. Now, inventory is still limited given the time of year; I’ve learned, when it comes back in stock, to snag it quickly. The quality is beautiful, but my favorite part is that the buttons can be worn closed in the front, the back or open, casually over a tee or tank. There are also a variety of colors. Aside from this cardigan for fall look in Alex Mill, there are a variety of beautiful sweaters for both men and women. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, highly recommend checking them out.



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