August 22, 2011

Always Room for a Little Leo

ASOS Skirt, Zara Trench (old), Zara Top, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Vintage Chanel, Vintage Belt, Necklace via Bloomies, Karen Walker Sunglasses.
Wanted to answer 2 questions I’ve been getting asked a lot lately:
Q. What did you use to make your recent collage
A. Picasa! Simple and Easy (and free)!  I find the images I want and save them to my computer. 
I then use the collage program in Picasa to place and drag. I finish off with the font tool to add any descriptions or numbers to the finished collage.
Tip: It also helps to crop the edges of the image after you save to your computer.
I’m sure there are better  collage programs out there, so if anyone has any recommendations, I’d love them!
Q. How do you get your hair like it is in the above pictures?
A. Also fairly simple. First, I think it works best on hair that is NOT freshly washed. I like when my hair is a day or two old so it has some natural oils to make it look sleeker. I then place it in a high pony tail and wrap my hair around the pony tail to create a bun. I finish with a lot of bobby pins and loads of hair spray.
Hope this helps!



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