December 8, 2020

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me Joy

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me JoySlippers | Coffee Table| Rug is Vintage

I’ve been wanting to share a few things, some old and some new, that have made me quite happy. From cashmere socks to my new vacuum to a mug that makes drinking my morning cup of coffee, even more enjoyable.

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me Joy

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me JoyThis photo has a few things that I’m loving so much:

Golden Coil Planner:

I’ve seen many people rave about it and finally pulled the trigger and I am so happy with it. The best part is that both the inside and out are fully customizable and it definitely inspires me to be more productive,

Franca ‘Cara’ Mug:

I’ve shared this mug on Instagram many times, but it’s become one of my favorites. It’s made so beautifully and has such a nice weight to it. This combo was one of the first things I bought from the Brooklyn company, but most definitely, not the last.

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me JoyCoat: J. Crew | Denim: Old Nordstrom | Tennis Bracelet: Ring Coincierge

Converse Sneakers in parchment and J.Crew Cashmere socks:

I’ve been very into converse lately and have been liking pairing them with dressier things like a glamorous coat, one of my Chanel bags or cashmere socks. Always love mixing the high with the low.

A Few Things (New & Old) That Have Brought Me JoyDyson V11 Cordless Vacuum:

I never realized how much joy a vacuum could bring me! But this cordless Dyson does just that. My vacuum before this one (an older Dyson) was heavy, bulky and always a big to-do. This one makes the job so much easier and quicker. It’s worth every penny!

Colors in Optics Blue Light Protection FramesSuit: ALC (old)

Colors in Optics Blue Light Protection Frames:

I’ve been working with CIO for years and they’re one of my favorite companies. Not only because they’re the nicest family that’s been doing this for eons, but because they make some really great frames. Their Blue Light frames are my favorite and I notice a significant decrease in headaches when I wear them when I’m looking at a screen all day. I am wearing the Fulton style here.

Woodwick Candle in Frasier FirTable | Shoes | Vase | Throw | Marble Tray

Woodwick Candle in Frasier Fir:

Oh my goodness. This smells like Christmas and fills the home with the most beautiful, inviting scent. Woodwick candles also have a crackling wick (Keith’s favorite part) and there’s just something about the sound that feels so cozy.

Fferrone Design Glasses:

I know I’ve mentioned these glasses before. They’re definitely pricey, but for what it’s worth, the quality is superb (so sturdy and solid) and they bring me so much joy.

Saint Laurent Card HolderSaint Laurent Card Holder:

I purchased this card holder over a year ago after realizing that my bigger wallet was…. well, too big for the bags that I was wearing. This one makes me feel like I have my life together and is chic, while still being practical. It’s also very durable.

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  • Janine

    Amazing blogpost idea! That mug is sooo super cute and you just reminded me that I still need a planner for the new year! 🙂
    xx Janine

  • miki

    This card holder is Amazing, very practical!
    Miki x

  • Kate

    So lovely!!!

    Where do you source those gorgeous dried flower arrangements?

  • Jame

    Your joy is so simple, can you share more about life candy crush saga

  • Nikki

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