August 31, 2018

90’s Inspired {with an updated twist}


woman in 90's Inspired

woman wearing 90's Inspired outfit with striped shirt, denim skirt, and leather jacket

woman wearing 90's Inspired outfit with striped shirt, denim skirt, sunglasses and leather jacket

woman smiling at the camera wearing 90's Inspired outfit

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For over a decade, eBay has been one of my go-to sources. I’ve lucked out with so many eBay finds, from handbags to shoes to apparel, that at one point I was known as “the eBay girl” in one of my circles.

90’s Inspired {with an updated twist}

Today, it still remains one of my favorite shopping destinations. If I can’t find something in stores, I check to see if it’s available on eBay. Most items are listed brand new and as a “Buy It Now” option. Occasionally, I luck out finding a great price thanks to the daily fashion deals.

Lately, I’ve found myself browsing for 90’s inspired denim, particularly Levi’s. From high-waisted classics to cropped-flare culottes, there are so many reasons I gravitate towards Levi’s. I always appreciate a frayed hem skirt, as well as a pair of relaxed fit, tapered jeans that are worn on repeat during the transition of summer to fall.

Fun little background story: years ago, when the Burberry rain boots were all the rage, I would purchase them in various stores throughout the city and then flip them on eBay for a crazy profit. I was around 19 or 20 at the time, considering myself such a little entrepreneur.

Shop 90’s-inspired denim, available now on eBay:

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