January 18, 2016

7 Month Pregnancy Update & Gender Reveal!

3eFaux Fur: Old | Denim: James Jeans (maternity – ordered my pre pregnancy size) | Tee: Gap Pure Body | Bag: Givenchy ‘Antigona’ | Boots: Stuart Weitzman (more sizes here) | Sunglasses: Dior
Last week, I entered my 7th month, which means, according to google, that I officially start my third trimester this Thursday. Holy *$(@! Time sure has flown by!
All in all, I’ll continue to say that I feel like I’ve had a really easy pregnancy. With the exception of a rocky first trimester, it’s all been pretty smooth. Oddly enough, I feel like my hormones have never been more even and overall, I feel calmer, more patient and just very chill about everything. I’m not sure if it has to do with the sex of the baby, which I’ll reveal below, or if it’s just an individual thing, but I certainly hope that it carries over into motherhood.
Of course there have been the really annoying things, like getting up to pee about 3x a night, at least. Everyone is like “make sure you stay hydrated…” which I certainly try, but that also means that I’m looking for bathrooms wherever I go. ALL THE DAMN TIME. Sometimes, it’s five minutes after the last time.

Physically, I’ve gained a total of 16-18 lbs. As I mentioned in one of my last updates, I didn’t work out at all during my first trimester, ate whatever my body craved (carbs, carbs and more carbs) and basically did anything that got me through it. I felt so incredibly nauseous and tired that trying to be healthy was the last thing on my mind. It was more about getting through it, whatever that took. If you’re reading this and a first time mother in your first trimester, trust me, IT GETS BETTER. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to eat naughty, greasy foods and for skipping any sort of physical activity because it’s totally normal. Do what you need to do! Eat that bagel, take an extra nap, etc. The main thing that helped me more than anything, never having an empty stomach! Even now, as soon as I wake up, I need to put something in my belly. The other day, I made that mistake of going to walk the dogs on an empty stomach and next thing I knew, I was dry heaving on the side of the street. I always carry snacks and a few lollipops in my handbag. If I feel myself getting hungry or my blood sugar dropping, I can easily reach for something. Also, sparkling water has been my best friend! Keith got me this SodaStream for Christmas and I swear, I’ve never gotten more use out of a gift.

Once I started my second trimester, I got 90% of my energy back and wanted to make sure I pushed myself to get some some of physical activity in at least 3-4x a week. There are days when I have to make myself to go to the gym, but as always, once I’m there and done with my workout, I feel so much better and my pregnant body thanks me. If I’m not at the gym, I make sure I walk or do some yoga. I just know myself, if I don’t stay active, I feel crappy and in turn, that crappy feeling turns into crankiness. Even with working out and trying to eat well, I’ve noticed that there are still parts of my body, aside from my belly and chest, that have gotten bigger. I feel like my back, legs, calves and arms have all expanded. I know that once the baby is born and with some work on my part, I’ll get back into  pre-baby shape, but just sharing my observations. Facially, nothing YET, but I know there’s still some time for that. My friend said her nose got significantly larger during the last month, so I’m a little nervous to see if that will happen to me. Stretch marks: nothing yet!Getting dressed has been a bit more challenging than I thought. I miss being able to wear certain favorite “uniforms” of mine, like a sleek white button down, leather pants and even certain skirts! I’ve searched for a maternity version of leather (or even leather like) pants, but haven’t been able to find anything I love. More than anything, the one thing I can’t wait for is being able to feel like myself in my clothes and not feeling so limited. I think I’ve ordered almost every single stylish maternity item out there and returned about 80% of my purchases. However, the outfit I’m wearing today, especially the jeans and the tee, have been two major staples!! I’ve purchased this Gap Tee in every single cut and color that it comes in (I ordered a small) and they’ve been the best ones I’ve found! As far as these jeans, I love that they’re a dark grey versus black.

And of course, lastly, THE SEX! We’re having a boy!! AHHH!! The other day, I was at the nail salon getting a pedicure and the nail lady says to me “oooh! you’re so small! you’re having a boy, right?” Does having a boy equal a smaller belly? less hormones? I don’t know! But that’s what everyone keeps telling me. Either way, so excited! We still haven’t agreed on a name, but have a few top contenders. Every single name that I love, Keith turns down saying “it doesn’t feel right…”  So, we shall see.

Thank you for following along on this exciting chapter and as always, if you have any tips or tricks for me, I welcome them with open arms!




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