September 3, 2019

Beauty: Investment Purchases that Are Worth the Splurge {Part II}

When I posted about my luxury beauty buys that I thought were worth the investment, I didn’t realize how many favorites I forgot to include. At first, I was going to edit that post to include my others, but figured a round II would be more fun. Even with these additions, I’m sure there are some that will still come to me, but in the meantime, the below six must be included for my list to be accurate.

Beauty Buys That Are Worth The Splurge – Part II

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic:

I really wish this vitamin C wasn’t quite so expensive because it’s undeniably my favorite out there. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason why my face loves it so much, but I notice a big difference when I use it and when I don’t. Aside from all of the wonderful benefits of vitamin C (anti-aging, shielding against environmental damage, brightening of skin tone) this particular one just melts into the skin and leaves my complexion look bright and radiant. There are others out there that are great and cost a lot less, so if this one is way out of your budget, stay tuned for a vitamin C post coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, this one deserves to be on this list.

Sunday Riley Good Genes:

Sunday Riley is one of my favorite skincare brands out there and out of their entire range, Good Genes is my hero product. In general, lactic acid is great for so many things: cleaning out pores, improving texture, gently exfoliating (lactic acid is deemed one of the most gentle, yet effective, exfoliators out there), and reducing fine lines. The results won’t happen overnight and will never be dramatic, but even when I use just for a day or two, my complexion looks better. It’s also one of my favorite products to use during pregnancy since retinol is a no no.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial:

This is one of the strongest exfoliating masks on the market and my skin absolutely loves it. When I’m not pregnant, I use it about 1-2x a week. (My skin can handle strong masks). I leave on for 15-20minutes and I’m left with a complexion that’s noticeably softer and brighter. I typically follow it up with Augustinus Bader Rich Cream or Vintner’s Daughter. Disclaimer: if you’re super sensitive, I would start out by leaving it on for 10 minutes, max. You could build it up from there, but this stuff is strong.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil:

My other favorite from Drunk Elephant. I love a good face oil and unfortunately, considering it’s pretty steep, this is one of my favorites out there. Some oils just sit on the face. But this one melts into the skin and even in the dead of winter, keeps any flakes and dryness at bay.

PS: I will say, I’ve recently been testing Go-To Face Hero and considering the price, I am really loving it.

Diptyque Eau Duelle Perfume:

There are two perfumes that I cannot live without. The first one, I wrote about here and the other one, is Eau Duelle.  I’d like to think that it’s become one of my two signature scents and whenever I spray it on myself, I cannot help but think “damn! I smell good…”  It smells like warm vanilla, but the expensive, not cheap kind (big difference) and as the description says: “it’s dark and light, gentle and strong, warm and cool…” I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s just so good and a favorite during the fall and winter season.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray:

This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this spray and it probably won’t be my last. It’s expensive, but whenever I run out, I go into a bit of a hair panic. My hair is fine-ish, so on the days I’m not lazy to wash and style it, it needs all the extra help it could get. This spray helps add beautiful texture, volume and dimension.


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