August 17, 2018

Happy Friday


A few weeks ago, Krystal, Sai, Karen and myself got together for one of the best days! Krystal had the brilliant idea of recreating a photo version of this Sex & The City episode, where the gang heads to Yankee stadium. As we walked into the stadium, we looked rather crazy, but to my  surprise, we got far less stares than I ever expected! That’s what I love about New York, no one gives a hoot. “Oh, four females wearing tulle, gold pleats and layers of pearls? yep! just another day in New York.”  Sai filmed a fun video from our outing, which you can check out here!

I shared some of my favorite books here, including the one I’m currently reading. I’m halfway done and I’ve been really enjoying it!

I also just picked up The Kiss Quotient after several of you recommended it! Planning to read that next.

I’d expect nothing less from Tommy Hilfiger‘s penthouse.

5 self-care rituals that will help you get through this Mercury Retrograde.

Love these booties for fall and under $200.

While on the topic, I cannot help myself from browsing all of the fall fashion goodness.  High on the radar is plaid! I ended up ordering these shoes and this blazer, both reasonably priced!

For a splurge item, I’ve been dreaming about these mules since last year. So dreamy!

These healthy dessert recipes won’t weigh you down.

WOW! I cannot believe this babies hair is real! Amazing.

My favorite denim mini skirt is on sale! See how I styled mine here.

How swimsuit styles have changed over the years (1983…interesting).

This coat is perfect for the upcoming fall, and at a great price!

Wishing you all the best weekend! Lets all try to soak up these last few weeks of summer!





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