July 21, 2017

Keith Got Nominated for an Emmy!!!!

I promise, my intention is not for this post to come off braggy, but I’m just so incredibly proud and excited!

As some of you might remember, back in February, Keith and I went out to LA because he got nominated for a CAS (Cinema Audio Society) award for best Re-Recording Mixer for O.J.: Made in America.  For those who are not sure what that means, basically the guy who makes it sound great!

As a guest attending those awards, it was crazy to be in a room with the people who work on the sound for Game of Thrones, Modern Family and all the other incredible shows and movies that are out there. It was also our first trip without Nate, so it was such a special trip for a number of reasons.  Well, the Emmy nominations came out last Friday and he got nominated for Outstanding Sound Mixing for the same feature. Obviously, it goes without saying that this is such an insane honor.

There are three Emmy dates: September 9th and 10th for Creative Arts and September 17th (the one we all watch). We’ll be going the first weekend!




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