July 19, 2017

A Skincare Brand I’m excited about: Jordan Samuel Skin

Jordan Samuel Skin Review: A Skincare Brand I'm Excited About | Brooklyn Blonde

I first discovered Jordan Samuel Skin, when I saw it popping up on an instagram page that I love to follow (@lizalaskabeauty). The best part about some of these instagram beauty pages, is that I get to discover so many incredible brands that I would have never even known about, including Jordan Samuel.

Jordan, a former dancer (turned esthetician), was inspired to make a line of products to combat everything a dancers skin went through: hot lights, heavy stage makeup, etc. So one night, very intrigued, I placed an order for his Plie Cleanser, Hydration Serum and his Oil. 

The products arrived quickly and after several weeks of trying, I understood why Liz, and so many others, loved his line. His products are beautifully natural, but very effective. They’re also so reasonably priced, but on par with certain brands that charge double, if not more. Lets be honest, that makes it easier to take the plunge, without second guessing if that’s something you’re ready to commit to. As a side note, he’s been absolutely wonderful at answering any questions I might have and just seems like the nicest person.

Since then, he’s come out with a Retinol treatment that’s been getting a lot of buzz (and again, the price cannot be beat!) Recently, Refinery29 featured it and Caroline Hirons reviewed it here. Admittedly, I’ve been trying to use up some others that I have before moving on to it, but his is up next.

I also get a ton of questions on HOW I use my products. Well in this case, I use the hydrate serum under my SPF or under my retinol (which is what he recommends as well) as a protective barrier. I’ve been rotating Jordan’s hydrate serum and Skinceuticals HA intensifier. 

At night, I’ll layer my oil or a favorite face cream on top. Sometimes both when my skin is feeling extra dry.

Jordan Samuel Skin Review: A Skincare Brand I'm Excited About | Brooklyn Blonde

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