June 22, 2010

What Makes My World Go Round….

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today’s post is not going to be about fashion or my outfit of the day, but rather something closer to my heart. I wanted to share some photos of the people (and animal) that make my world go round! 
The pictures might not be the best quality because most were taken with a mini digital.
 My amazing boyfriend Keith and I! College Sweethearts and lately, the patient photographer of mine!

The amazing girls in my life. I truly could not ask for better friends.
Inna and I on Halloween – dressed up as Rachel Zoe! It was bananas!! 
And of course there’s Pete! Our adorable mini schnauzer who is a tad crazy but so lovable!
And lastly,  my family! I just realized I don’t have any good pictures on the computer, so I need to get some, but in the meantime,  a shout out will have to do!



  • Jennifer

    GREAT pics! 🙂 You and your beau are adorable! && Your doggy is too cute!



  • Jennifer

    P.S. My Husband is my "patient photographer" haha 🙂

  • Julie

    Your puppy is absolutely precious! I had a sweet schnauzer named Teddy that looked about identical to your Pete! I miss him so, thanks for the smiles! =)

  • Rebecca Rugby

    Yeah, Helena! I finally get to see your Schnauzy!! He's so cute. I just love them 🙂 Also, I love the bangs. Very chic. xxRebecca


  • Christina

    YAY!!!! I made it onto your blog!!! I'm famous =) xoxoxo

  • Veronika

    cute pics! I love the way your hair is styled in the first pic 🙂

  • MarchMusings

    Love all the pix and your pooch is the mostest! Too cute

  • Hilary

    awww cute pics! love that you dressed up as rachel zoe for halloween! haha I die!

  • Andee Layne

    Gorgeous photos! So much love and your pup is so sweet!!! xo

  • veronicaa

    These are all stunning outfits you look gorgeous in every single one and I'd wear them allll 🙂
    You look very happy and I lost my miniature schnauzer a few months ago so I'm very happy to see one that's so loved as well!
    Xoxo Veronica
    my passion for fashion

  • Karolinka.cy

    very nice photos you look amazing on each of them!

  • Amber

    OMG you are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

  • vicky h.

    ahhh I so love that you dressed up as Rachel Zoe for Halloween!!! you totally nailed it, too 🙂

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  • emma j

    great pictures it truly makes a huge difference in life to be surrounded by loving and caring people! and you look SO fab as rachel zoe love it haha

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Thank you ladies!! life truly is about being surrounded by people you love!

    Veronicaa & Julie, I know how it is to lose a dog, it's truly like losing a family member!

  • Fashion By He

    great pictures, love your style, very pretty

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  • Morena

    Wowza! You are so pretty! It looks like you have the most flawless skin ever! 🙂

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