November 19, 2021

Weekly Favorites: November 19th

Weekly Favorites: November 19th

So many good things that I’ve been loving and appreciating extra hard:

Vuori Performance Jogger: I’m a broken record about these (at least on stories) but they’re the most comfortable, well-made, softest joggers that I’ve tried. I wear a small and they have a slightly fitted look. If I wanted a tad bigger, I’d get a medium.

Bala 1 lb Bangles: I’ve been using these for a couple of years, particularly for pilates style workouts, and they’ve become a real MVP in this house. I’ll even wear them around the house just to walk around because it’s too easy not to.

Pernille x Mango Structured Wool Blazer: I love the entire Pernille x Mango collection, but the blazer is particularly  my favorite.

Schutz Maryana Flare Boots: A recent purchase that I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by. I was on the hunt for a pair of tall (but not over-the-knee) boots and these were my winners. I plan to wear them with some dresses, but they also look great with a slimmer jean. Not a ton of sizes left in black, but they also come in a gorgeous chocolate color.

Parachute Waffle Robe: This was a recent purchase after visiting the Parachute store in Soho. It’s been on my radar for awhile, but when I saw it (and felt it) in person, I knew I couldn’t leave home without it. Such a beautiful material and I never feel weighed down when wearing it, something I dislike about most robes.

UGG Classic Mini II Boots: UGGs are a forever staple in my winter wardrobe. If you’re wanting to get a pair, I’d recommend getting them now as they tend to sell out quickly. I personally love the Classic Mini style, but the Ultra Mini are also great.

Drinkwel ‘Better Mornings’ Multivitamin Supplement: In trying to prepare for a Miami trip that I knew could get a little wild, I ordered these supplements. I have to say, I really think they work. I’m almost positive they made what would normally be a hangover day, a regular day. Maybe a little Advil on top, but overall, I’m a fan and will be ordering them again.



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