May 16, 2020

Weekend Notes & Thoughts | May 16th

Weekend Notes & ThoughtsJeans: H&M  Shirt: H&M (sold out) | Mules: Manolo

Yesterday it was announced that home order has been extended. Even though we all knew it was coming, the news still adds a weird feeling into the air. In trying to shake it and turn the mood upside down, I’m going to attempt to meditate (still learning), get showered and take the kids out for a walk. Whenever we get outside, the mood immediately shift (for the better), in all of us.

This weekend is also concludes the last two episodes of ‘The Last Dance.’ It’s a bittersweet moment because in many ways, this project has been part of Keith’s life since he found out that he would be working on it. I think that was a little over two years ago?

Tonight we’re popping open a bottle of Orange Glou wine which curates natural orange wines once a month. I’ve heard such wonderful things! I’m really looking forward to trying it and as I’ve mentioned before, I love having something to look forward to. It always helps my mood! Right now we could all use little things to look forward to.

Weekend Notes & Thoughts | May 16th

10 positive morning habits of beauty and wellness experts.

How to support a new mom from far away.

This model suggests how to go about easing social distancing, state-by-state, once it’s safe to do so.

One of my fav retinols that works for all skin types.

In case you’ve missed it, I shared some favorite details around our home. 

Additionally, I also shared a great evening skincare routine with Elemis, including 25% off anything on their site.

‘The Office’ cast reunited on Zoom to recreate the wedding dance for a virtual ceremony & it is everything.

Why we’re *so* much more tired in the mornings now.

The softest swaddling blankets in the prettiest prints.

A Brooklyn apartment built around the family library.

I ordered and am loving this longe set.

I posted about these last week. But I’ve been wearing these sunglasses non-stop.

I adore these fashion illustrations by Brooklit. They can be personalized which makes for a great gift; plus, each purchase helps support this small business.

Feel like taking a (virtual) trip to The Netherlands’ spectacular tulip garden?

With summer only a few weeks away, time to get that SPF ready. I swear by this one because it’s water-resistant while giving a nice tint with each application, along with having broad-spectrum SPF 45 protection.

Ways to make your produce last longer.

Have a wonderful weekend!





  • Sel

    Hello Helena, a very relaxed, smart, casual outfit.
    Have any restrictions been lifted in New York? In Victoria, Australia restrictions are slowly being lifted. We are currently allowed 5 visitors to our homes, children in prepatory, grades 1, 11 and 12 will start attending school in two weeks, all remaining grades will start two weeks after that.
    One of the things that is really bugging me with world governments response to this virus is their unwillingness to invest a great deal more funding, policies etc into what is the true world-wide pandemic – the pandemic of metabolic syndrome. That is, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, all of the lifestyle diseases – all of which weaken the immune system. Horrifically, these lifestyle diseases are on the rise in the developed world and are affecting not only adults, but children. For the first time in recorded history, children are suffering from lifestyle diseases, diseases traditionally associated with an aging population. This is extremely concerning and heart-breaking. Please forgive me – I am not being callous, but it is because the majority of the world’s population do not have healthy immune systems that such dire actions have been taken. Governments, along with investing funds into medical interventions, should also be investing commensurate funds into giving people the knowledge and ability to strengthen their immune systems and enacting greater policies that encourage people to strengthen their immune systems. Good, healthy, nutritious food and clean water is the first step. The first line of defence against any virus or bacteria is a strong, healthy immune system. Medical intervention is the next line of defence. Governments seem to have forgotten this.

  • Anna

    I hope these help me feel more excited about staying home during the lockdown

  • jennifer

    I just hope this phase passes fast

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    thanks for sharing

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    Thank you for your useful information.

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  • JoAnne

    You have spoiled us! I’m feeling ‘separation anxiety’ because you have not posted in a couple weeks. I hope everything is well with you and your family. I would like to say that I placed a stationery order thru’ Etsy — the one you recommended — and I absolutely LOVE the product and will be ordering again. I like the fact that it’s a small, home-based business in the USA! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Ella Tayler

    Thanks so much for covering this topic with a heartfelt post. I am a regular visitor to your website and have always liked the kind of work that you do. I genuinely get new ideas and thoughts that help me a lot in my personal work as well. So glad things worked out!

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