June 26, 2020

Weekend Notes | Summer & Such

Weekend Notes | Summer & SuchSunglasses: Colors in Optics | Denim Shorts: Mango | On Sasha: Pehr Romper

Weekend Notes | Summer & Such

Hi! How’s everyone doing? I’m looking forward to the weekend. While this is the most untraditional summer we’ve ever had, it’s given me an appreciation for so many little things, like getting an iced coffee to go or simply having a picnic in the park with the family. That’s become one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend. We pack up a picnic blanket and a portable speaker, pick up sandwiches from a local place and take a little rosé in a to-go thermos. It’s been the best.

I just finished watching Unorthodox (on Netflix) and while I know I’m late to this, I loved it so much. It is so well done and provides such an insight into the Hasidic community, but with a touch of a Hollywood thriller.

ICYMI, five beauty products I’ve been loving including my go-to gradual tanner, my favorite red nail polish and a trio of hair products (mask, shampoo and conditioner) specifically customized for my hair type.

Out of all of my sneakers, I probably wear these Axel Arigato sneakers the most. They recently came out with this style and I had to get them.

7 simple home projects (that you can still find time for.)

Probably the most useful Quarantine purchase I’ve made: reusable unpaper towels.

The big question for parents:

Will schools reopen for the fall?

‘5 things I want to tell my white friends.’

Kat shares How to Find a Therapist. This is not a new post, but a new one to me.

My black Celine Tilda dupes are back in stock after being sold out for awhile.

A couple weeks ago, I shared an evening skincare routine with some of my fav Elemis products as well as a code for 25% off everything!

The Jennifer Fisher Collection for CB2 is dreamy.

The stackable organizer boxes we use for Nate’s toys. Comes in a 4-pack & with an attached lid on each box.

10 ways to make someone feel loved from far away.

If you’re planning an upcoming Quarantine birthday or graduation celebration, be sure to check out this adorable Etsy shop for stylized balloons and party decor. So many cute options.

So how long can you actually go without washing your bra? In case the last time was…never.

This leather tote doubles perfectly as a chic diaper bag option. When in use, I insert my ToteSavvy Organizer which is made up of several handy compartments that makes it significantly easier to carry diapers, bottles, onesies, snacks and other odds & ends you may need. Read my full review about it here.

It’s like stepping into a time machine, mouth first.

The copycat, at-home recipe to Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning.

Even though the season is behind us, I found this check trench coat that’s over 50% off and is a very similar option to mine that previously sold out.

An unbelievable motherhood story.

Have a great weekend!



  • Kat Tanita

    Thank you for including me Helena! <3 Picnics in the city are the best! Have a good weekend!!


  • Darshan Jain

    Hi buddy,
    Seriously This post was damn awesome, The way you write this id damn cool. One thing that strikes me the most is your style of writing… I could understand the concept behind this very well just by reading it once, Very well written buddy, Also I came to know much about this topic from this article.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article, I definitely will share it at social media platforms.
    Looking forward to more from you.
    Darshan Jain

  • Sel

    Hello Helena, thank you for sharing and including references to posts by other authors. I found the article ‘5 things I want to tell my white friends’ and the comments that followed thought provoking.
    The motherhood story is beautiful – the carrying and birthing of one child is a gift and miracle, let alone quads.

  • Mireia

    So many great reads for the weekend!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Dee

    If you liked Unorthodox, you simply must catch ‘Shtisel” on Netflix, a series that some say is a more accurate picture of this community except based in Israel. It’s such a warm family drama, I fell in love with all the characters (And the actress who played Esty in Northodix is in it too!)

    • Dee

      Lol, please excuse the typo – Unorthodox!

  • Kedar Joshi

    This is such a cool blog! Your writing style is unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. Loved reading the blog.

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