September 20, 2019

Weekend Notes, Plans & Links.

weekend plans and this dressDress: Ronny Kobo (sold out) | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Clutch: Cult Gaia

The above photo was taken the night of the Save the Children’s gala that I attended as a guest of Johnson & Johnson. I had such a hard time finding a dress that worked with my 7 month pregnant bump, but eventually, found one that I liked.

This weekend is a packed one. Tomorrow, I’m celebrating a friends big milestone birthday (40!) while Keith is taking Nate to a 5 year old birthday party. On Sunday, we’re heading out to New Jersey to visit our friends and their newborn baby. Keith had off this past Thursday and Friday (today) so we’re taking advantage of some solo time while Nate is at school. Yesterday, we went shopping, had a leisurely lunch and just enjoyed each others company before the baby arrives and things get crazy. Today, we’re purging around the house and trying to get stuff cleaned as nesting mode has officially began.

As always, continue reading for some great links from the week!

How astrologer Susan Miller “Gets It Done.

Another great under $100 coat find!

Imagine renting one of these Airbnbs this fall..

Diving into this ‘shared rooms’ post since eventually, Nate and his sister will be sharing a room. At first I was stressed about it, but after hearing and reading so many stories, I know it will be fine!

We love this fridge calendar; large & has lots of room to write on and looks chic and minimal in our kitchen.

I’m a few months away from wearing proper belts, but I recently got this one. I have a few black/silver belts, but realized I was missing a black/gold combo. For a little more pizazz, this is another great option. Picturing it with a simple pair of jeans and tee or turtleneck.

Inside the postpartum condition that affects over half of moms.

I’ve shared this last year, but sharing again since denim season is here. These are the garment scissors I use to cut the bottom hem of my jeans!

My picks for the best camel coats that are out this year.

How couples can split their bills and their money to be fair.

The perfect, day-to-night midi skirt to wear this season.

This free quiz can help you determine exactly how you get stressed.

Always in the market for a cozy, knit sweater.

Did Barbie just get Botox?

A scene-stealing bootie that comes in 9 fall colors.

The best way to get rid of a coffee stain.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  • Janine

    Oh how interesting that Nate and your little baby girl will be sharing a room! Can you share more about that in the future? Would love to hear about your plans.
    xx Janine

  • Sel

    Hello Helena, my parents had a small, two bedroom home when my brother and I were born. And, out of necessity, my brother and I shared a bedroom in our younger years. There is 22 months between us (I am the older sister) and because of the small age gap between us it was great fun to share a room with him. However, sharing a bedroom with a sibling of the opposite sex did have, as you can imagine, problems. Even as young children my brother and I would get ready for bed and the morning in different rooms. I would get ready in my parents bedroom whilst he got ready in our bedroom. When my Dad worked afternoon or nightshift and slept during the day, my Mum would get me up 30 minutes prior to my brother and I would get ready in the bathroom. One of us was always getting ready in another room of the house. This set-up worked when we were both little but children grow quickly. My parents added a third bedroom to the house that became mine when I was 11. Will your daughter share a room with Nate straight away or will she be with you and Keith and go into Nate’s room when she is a little older?

  • Carina

    Lovely post!

    Carina |

  • Study Glows

    wow nyc article.

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