October 9, 2020

Weekend Notes | October 9th 2020

Weekend Notes | October 9th 2020Sweater: H&M but sadly not new | Sunglasses 

Weekend Notes | October 9th 2020

What a week! With so much going on in the world, I’ve been craving shows that make me feel good, recipes that are comforting and books that are mindless and fluffy.

This morning, I bought all the ingredients to make one of my favorite chili recipes that’s hearty, yet so healthy.

After finishing Emily in Paris (so cliche, cheesy, with acting that’s not that great, yet I still enjoyed), we just started watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV. So many recommended and I could see why.  Keith and I are three episodes in but we’re really liking it!

A couple of weeks ago, Grace recommended this book and I just started reading it. It’s the complete opposite of deep and that’s exactly what I need right now.

Speaking of Grace, her second Amazon ‘The Drop’ collection came out yesterday! I ordered these pants and am planning to wear them with a chunky turtleneck (beige or black)

“How are you, new parents?” Joanna of “Cup of Jo” has shared a welcoming space in this post with those experiencing parenthood for the first time during a global pandemic.

If anyone’s a fan, Schitt’s Creek Season 6 is finally available on Netflix!

Love this layering knit cardigan. Simple solution to elevate your wardrobe’s everyday basics.

Helpful tips for cleaning white shoes.

I recently got these all-black sneakers for Nate (they work for his Halloween costume too.)

In case you missed it, your most commonly-asked questions about wine answered by an expert.

This is the most random purchase, but after shopping around for months, I finally pulled the trigger on a new Dyson. A few of my friends have it and raved about how easy and great it is.  Our current vacuum is 10 years old, bulky and needs to be plugged in. Not the biggest deal, but we were due for an upgrade.

Easy & warm breakfast recipes perfect for chilly mornings.

The coziest oversized sweater.

Inspired to try some of these fall garden arrangements.

My shearling boots from last year are currently 25% off! If you’re in the market, I highly recommend.

Lulu & Georgia is also 25% off the entire site!

Where to buy face masks for kids.

8 reasons to get excited about Autumn this year.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!





  • Jessica Hudson

    Love the book rec! With all the heaviness in the world, I’ve been on a light and easy book kick!

  • Janine

    Hahah, I love how literally everybody says the same thing about Emily in Paris: it’s super cheesy, not very well done, super steretypical… yet everyone loves it, including me! Hahah, I agree, it’s definitely a great show to take your mind of things 🙂
    xx Janine

  • Tillie Adelson

    Cute sunnies! I have a similar pair! — Tillie


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