May 21, 2021

Weekend Notes: May 21, 2021.

kid showing her tongue for weekend notes april 21This photo of Sasha because it makes me so happy.

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve had a weekend post. For no real reason in particular, but tonight, I’m sharing weekend notes April 21. Also, Keith went out with a couple of his friends and I felt the urge to post. There’s been a lot happening over here with the lake house renovation and trying to manage it all from afar.

It’s a wee bit overwhelming and quite frankly, I’m just hoping that the design decisions that we’ve made, especially when we’re unable to check in regularly, all come together! Nonetheless, it’s all exciting and I’m really looking forward to sharing more content surrounding that fun chapter.

On another note, in the past two weeks, admittedly, I’ve probably shopped a bit too much. While the majority of it was home related, I’ve also purchased a few things for the upcoming weather. The fact that we didn’t have a real spring and summer last year, makes me want to add some newness into my wardrobe.

A few things I got: a  signet pinky ring (already received and love), AGOLDE Reese cutoffs, Tory Burch weave espadrilles (not normally a TB shoe fan, but these look great on) and this white, short sleeved Henley that I already worn several times.

I’m also eyeing this bodysuit from Free People – what can I say, I love a bodysuit.

In case you missed, I recently shared some of my favorite denim and my favorite sunglasses. 

Here are some additional things I’ve been clicking on:

Meghan, whose Paris influenced, Brooklyn Heights apartment was featured in Apartment Therapy!

You can now preorder the Franca Cara mug. It’s one of my favorites along with pretty much everything from their site.

Interesting read on whether the pandemic has changed dating forever?

The founders of Havenly just launched a beautiful hardcover book that’s filled with so many great tips and tricks.

Absolutely inspired by the style of Clare Thomson Jonville. 

Ring Concierge just launched a Mini Diamond Tennis Bracelet in the eternity version! Prior to that, it came in only a half version.

One of my most worn under $20 sweatshirts is back in stock. I have it in a small and it’s nice and oversized.

I am planning to make this Summer Nicoise Salad for an upcoming BBQ.

Is now a good time to invest?

Dor weekend notes April 21 – How to get coffee stains out of everything.

This gorgeous vase has been in my online cart for a while.

7 cleaning habits to get into now, not later.

5 tips for keeping a kid-friendly house looking neat as a pin

Feeling overwhelmed often? Try these 1-minute meditations to help ease your stressed-out mind.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow, we’re heading over to our friends house for a BBQ and on Sunday, we have T-ball. All in all, a pretty mellow weekend.



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