February 19, 2022

Weekend Notes | February 19th

woman with her baby for Weekend Notes February 19thHi! Yesterday was Nate’s last day of school before winter break and we drove up to Pennsylvania for a bit, driving back home after a few days and then I’m heading to Miami with the kids.

I haven’t been back to our lake house (PA) in awhile and I’m excited to have two Amber Lewis x Anthropologie lamps waiting for us. I hope I love them in person as I ordered them back during the Black Friday sale. Good news is that they’re back to being on sale for a limited time.

Weekend Notes February 19th

A few things I got (for myself and the kids) for our trip.

I got these Schutz heels and holy moly, they look incredible in person. Seriously, if someone were to tell me that they spent $500+ dollars on them, I would be like “ooh, yes! they’re beautiful” they look so good in person. Comfort wise – they’re just okayyy. Not necessarily comfortable, but worth the cause for the right event or outfit. I always take 1/2 a size larger in Schutz.

These coasters are gorgeous.

As are these taper candles.

Keith’s latest project, Bad Vegan, looks juicy as hell. It’s from the same Director that he worked on The 100 Foot Wave with.

Why making friends in midlife is so hard.

How to get the most out of a walking-only exercise.

8 Ways to Teach Kids About Giving

Are you drinking enough water?

UBeauty launched their latest product, The Barrier Bioactive Treatment. I’ve been using for a little bit and I’m loving it. It’s meant to be the final step in your routine and you could use nightly or save for when your skin needs a little extra something. Use code HELENA to save 20% on most UBeauty products.

I love this little electric candle lighter I got last month.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!





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