April 29, 2023

Weekend Notes: April 29th.

for Weekend Notes: April 29th woman wearing leather jacket and denim pantsJacket: Frankie Shop (in a M) | Denim: Citizens of Humanity (TTS) | Mules (I sized up. Similar here for under $150) | Earrings

It’s been raining non-stop here all weekend and I’ve taken it as an opportunity to continue my spring cleaning spree, one little drawer at a time. I will tell you guys, being organized and tidy does not come naturally to me. In fact, for me to even attempt to have any sort of order, I have to work very hard at it.

Weekend Notes: April 29th.

I grew up with a mother who was, and still is, a bit of a hoarder so it’s a bit of a thing. One part of me wants to be a minimalist and have order everywhere and the other part, has to try so hard to be that person. Of course, having small children doesn’t necessarily help, but it really is an on going struggle.

But I digress.

Later this week, Keith and I are leaving for Barbados for two of our best friends wedding!!! It’s actually the wedding of a couple that I set up over ten years ago. Sonia and I met while working for the same handbag company (she worked in Production and I worked in Sales) and Eric, the man she is marrying, was one of our close friends from our college. It’s a longer story, but I cannot believe it’s finally happening. There’s an entire kid-free group of us and needless to say, it’s the highlight of the month.

On that note:

I always travel with a hat if I’m going somewhere warm, but rarely know the best way to get it to my destination. I ended up ordering this hat clip after a friend recommended.

The mental health benefits of spring cleaning.

How to stop romanticizing the past so you can enjoy your life right now.

What makes for a good life?

How kindness and happiness go hand-in-hand.

Easy & healthy meal ideas for the week ahead.

For a longer read, my current go-to skincare routine.

An interesting perspective on ‘Gentle Parenting. Admittedly, I’m somewhere in between and I’m totally okay with that.

Everything Nate had on his birthday wishlist. 

This crew tee comes in 8 gorgeous colors

These New Balances have been restocked. I included them in My Weekly Top.

Don’t sleep on GAP linen, particularly their button downs in a range of colors.

5 home changes that are proven to boost motivation

I always have an external charger in my bag, especially if I’m going to be out and about all day. This is the one I currently use and it’s on sale.

Such a cute tote for the beach or pool

The right way to wash your pillows

How much cash is appropriate for a wedding gift?

I love these (under $125) summer slides.

Brooklinen is having their sale and (almost) everything is 25% off. The Luxe Sateen are our favorite, but I don’t think you can go wrong.



  • Janine Downing

    You should see the mom group threads (I’m Long Island based) about how much is appropriate to give for a wedding 😳

  • Docdivatraveller

    Thanks for the motivation for the spring cleaning. I am a hoarder too with 2 kids so it’s an ongoing struggle! Looking forward to your Barbados trip!

  • BGS Vijnatham School,Tirupati

    Much thanks. wanted to peruse effective blogging.Thanks for sharing this article . Was useful and informative.This helped me a ton.

  • St Mary's school Greater Noida

    Thanks for sharing very useful information to us its very important for everyone .

  • Jody Winter

    I’m the opposite of a hoarder but even that has its struggles. I have actually let go of some sentimental things I should have kept. So for me, it’s striking a balance between wanting to have hardly any objects around me and not throwing EVERYTHING out!

    • Jane T

      Same! My husband is the hoarder tho, had to basically force him to throw some of his old hunting and fishing stuff(promised we going to go and buy him new stuff, and it was the only way he’d agree 😀
      Picked him up a new winter jacket and fishing pants from Striker Ice https://gritroutdoors.com/striker-ice/ plus some small stuff like hats and boots. All of his stuff was like 10+years old and worn out as if it saw at least 20 years of use.

  • ATL

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