December 14, 2019

Weekend Notes & A Weekly Life Update

Anthro Sale + Weekend Notes & A Weekly Life UpdateOnesie: Spearmint Baby | Throw: Citizenry 

Happy weekend! Getting this post up on Saturday rather than Friday, but better late than never, right? At least it still qualifies under weekend reading. I’m still getting a hang of balancing everything, but accepting and enjoying the process in the midst of all the crazy. For example, this past week I left the house with two different shoes on. I noticed once I got on the train. I probably would have left them on if I wasn’t meeting people or shooting something for Tiffany & Co, but yeaaaa… it was that type of week.  The good news is that I was able to laugh it off and it made for a funny story.

What are you up to this weekend?

We’re finally getting our tree and then possibly going to watch Frozen 2 in the movie theater at Keith’s studio. For those who may not know, he’s an Audio Engineer (basically, he makes things sound good) and works in a Post Production Studio. Some of the perks entail getting to having a movie theater to ourselves and a few friends! To be honest, I actually wanted to go to an actual movie theater so Nate could enjoy the entire experience, but with the baby, this just happens to be a little easier.

How adorable is the above photo?

I was taking a photo of Sasha and as soon as I went to the bathroom, Mika snuck in and made herself comfortable. No, normally I would not let her paws on this beautiful throw, but I had to take a moment to capture this moment.

Anthro Sale:

Anthro is offering 30% off of everything. During the Black Friday sale, I ordered this mirror (we got the 5′) to go above our dresser in our bedroom. Now for the Anthro sale, I’m debating between this rug and this rug. I’m in full-on redecorating our bedroom mode, so scouring the internet for good options. Not fully set on those, but they’re two of our top contenders. I’m also considering painting the accent wall a darker color, but that’s also to be determined.

Why you should ALWAYS shred your boarding pass.

9 Starbucks holiday drink hacks every regular should know.

Did you catch both of my posts this week? My holiday wishlist and five teddy bear shearling coats.

Consider your cookie swap won with these 31 recipes.

Jordan Samuel is offering 30% off of all of his holiday sets. 

“Do I have to get my gifts for my co-workers?”

Just noticed these hiker boots got restocked in all sizes!

These hilarious tweets reminds me of the The Office ‘Christmas Yankee Swap’ episode.

Every winter wardrobe needs this pair of leggings.

Need to try this cauliflower gnocchi dish.

Have a wonderful weekend!







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    Such a cute picture!

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    How lovely!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Sel

    Helena, I think every Mum has had you’re shoe type moment. When I was 8 months pregnant with my son, I locked myself out of my home wearing only pyjamas and slippers. My husband had left for work, my neighbours had left for work and my mobile phone was sitting on the kitchen table. With much embarrassment I walked 15 minutes in my pyjamas and slippers to my In-Laws and called my husband. Lucky for me my mother-in-law was home. My husband – he found my predicament hilarious.
    Wishing you, Keith, Nate and Sasha a wonderful Christmas and fantastic 2020. Sel x

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    Such a lovely picture 🙂

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