February 21, 2020

Weekend Notes & A Mini Life Update: 2/21


Weekend Notes & A Mini Life Update: 2/21Sweater: Everlane (I got a medium for a looser fit) | Denim: Everlane (TTS) | Handbag: Medium Chanel Flap | Coat: Zara (old)

Mini Life Update: 2/21

This past Monday, Keith had off from work and since Sasha was born, it was our first time spending some quality time, just the two of us. We had our nanny and took the opportunity to sneak into the city for sushi at Sugarfish. After, we walked around Flatiron, got coffee  and  were just a normal couple rather than parents of two little ones. To say it felt good is an understatement.

Tomorrow, Keith is taking Nate to see a dinosaur show at Barclays and I’ll be with Sasha. We’re going to take a neighborhood stroll with friends and end our afternoon with lunch and some wine.  On Sunday, we’ll be celebrating our friends 35th birthday at a fun “party brunch,” so all in all, a really fun weekend planned.

Below are some updates from things you may have seen on my stories, things I am clicking on and items I am liking:

The above Chanel bag is my latest baby that I purchased from @juliaroseboston on Instagram. I’ve sold a few bags I was no longer loving (I sell on my shop site @brooklyblondeshop). I’ve received a lot of questions about buying from her and Amy did a fabulous job answering all of them in this post!

As I’ve mentioned before, I started using the NuFace. I’m one week in and so far, I’m liking it! If you plan to look into it, just know that you have to use it regularly to see any sort of difference.

In case you missed Nate’s version of Justin Beiber’s Yummy, you could find it here. 

I recently invested in this blazer romper. It’s a big splurge, but I know it’s one I’ll get a lot of use out of. For another option that’s under $200, this is a really good one. I may have to get it in the Ivory color after seeing it on a friend.

How to raise gracious children.

The coolest co-working spaces in NYC.

Ever heard of a conversation pit?

The polite approach to a guest who’s overstayed their welcome.

One of the best maternity shapers I wore throughout my pregnancy.

12 new Trader Joe’s products worth picking up this month.

The hiking boots & black puffer I wore last weekend in the Catskills. Found a similar puffer more budget-friendly. Also a fan of this one that I wore here.

“Thank you, Target” (so sweet!)

One of my favorite tees for a looser, boxier fit.

Everything leaving & coming to Netflix in March.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!



  • Ellie

    I am OBSESSED with the colour of that chanel!



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    oooh, I love your handbag – such a classy colour!

  • Janine

    Sounds like great weekend plans 🙂 I basically stayed in this weekend as the weather is absolutely horrible here, it’s raining and storming non-stop, ugh, I hate it! But that also gave me a lot of time to gear up for my move next weekend, so I am already packing a lot and getting lots of stuff organized, which feels really nice 🙂
    xx Janine

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