July 12, 2019

Weekend Musings, Dreams of a Country Home & New Closet Hangers…

Weekend Musings - My Few Picks from the Nordstrom Sale
ASOS Tee | Topshop Silk Skirt | Hermes Slides | Chloe Sunglasses

The above picture was taken last weekend near our friends lake house. A weekly conversation that Keith and I have is about owning a property outside of the city.

We fantasize about owning a country home with good bones, that could use a little TLC and making it our own. We go back and forth on whether we’d want to make it an Airbnb to get some of our money back. This way, it turns into a business venture and a worthy investment. There are so many thoughts and conversations about it, but I’m confident that it will happen down the line. I’ve mentioned this several times, but as much as I love living in an urban city, getting out and away is necessary. Especially as we get older and especially with small children.

Weekend Musings, Dreams of a Country Home & New Closet Hangers…

This past week was filled with good links and a few new and repeat buys.

Just got these placemats and another set of this silverware. I was afraid they wouldn’t hold up in the dishwater, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

Our absolute favorite travel stroller is part of the big Nordstrom sale and is less than $500 when you get part of a great bundle. Typically, the stroller alone is $500 and rarely goes on sale so I felt the need to alert those who are in the market. This stroller is a splurge, but it really is the BEST! I’ve tried several (and we also own the Mountain Buggy) and I’d recommend this one in a heart beat. It’s incredibly comfortable to push around, the best for travel (yes, it folds up and can fit overhead) and is an extremely smooth ride. Especially if you’re pushing it around in urban cities.

Aside from the stroller, there were only a small handful of items that I thought were even worth mentioning: this skincare set from Sunday Riley, filled with some of their best items! This hair set from Oribe which has my favorite texturizing spray and their dry shampoo.

For a plaid blazer splurge, this one from Veronica Beard is a classic.

More Weekend Links

Slowly but surely, I’ve been swapping out all of my ugly closet hangers for these. Absolutely adore the bronze detailing, which immediately makes my entire closet look a wee bit fancier.

I got a pair of Keds to wear in Italy and while I debated whether they were me for a bit, I’m so glad I kept. They give me all the 80’s Dirty Dancing vibes and are so comfortable. I love how they look with breezy summer dresses or better yet, with cutoffs and a tank or tee, as Baby did it best.

What was it like being on ‘Friends?’

Bickering too much in your relationship? These are the signs to look out for.

Best summer movies on Netflix.

6 Women on Not Having Children.

Beauty Pie | A Beauty Brand Worth Knowing About.

Everything to know about washing fruits & vegetables, once and for all.

Been using this face illuminator for a glassy/glowy look & loving it so much! I opted for the clear, but it also comes in 2 colored versions.

Have a wonderful weekend!




  • Janine

    Oh, that would be such an exciting project to renovate a countryside home and transform it into an Airbnb! crossing my fingers this dream will work out for you eventually!
    xx Janine

  • Britni M

    Do you think the Keds are comfortable for a full day of walking? Planning my first trip to Europe this fall and want to make sure I pick the right shoes. Thanks

    • Helena

      Hi Britni,
      I’ve worn them for a couple of hours and had zero complaints! But I had many tell me that while they’re comfortable, they don’t offer enough support for European street (cobblestones) so in that event, to add an insert! I think that will take an already comfortable sneaker, to the next level of comfort. Hope that helps!

    • Rebekah

      I’ve walked all over European cites (7 or more miles/day) in the Cole Haan GrandPro Turf sneaker. Not a single blister and no foot pain.

  • Carina

    Lovely post!

    Carina | https://carinazz.blogspot.com/

  • Annie

    How would you compare the baby zen vs the mountain buggy?

    • Helena

      For half the price, the mountain buggy is def a great stroller – BUT, owning and using both a decent amount, I’d spend the money and get the yoyo. It’s just more comfortable and more enjoyable to push around.

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  • Mireia

    What a lovely family!

    Mireia from TGL

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