February 22, 2012

Vintage Miroslava

All images from The Purse Forum. Thanks to them for introducing me to her!
I don’t often do posts like this, but last week when attending the Ralph Lauren show, I spotted Miroslava Duma (within arms reach) and although I kept it cool on the outside, on the inside, I was completely starstruck and freaking out. Way before I started this blog or read any others, I started seeing images of this beauty popping up in a thread dedicated to her style on The Purse Forum.  I didn’t know much about her at the time except that she worked for Russian Harpers Bazaar and always had the most incredible looks. Years later, she still remains my #1 style icon. Her looks are always a perfect combination of chic, feminine and edgy. To top it off, she was the most stylish pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.
There are so many incredible images of her online these days, but here are some of my “vintage” photos that I’ve had saved in my inspiration folder.
(Side note: she was often pictured with her equally stylish best friend, Natasha Goldenberg. Also shown in the last image. Remember her in that stunning pink suit a few seasons back?!)



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