November 4, 2021

Tips on Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious & Stressed.

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I have some days, typically when I get a workout or some movement in, that I feel rather in control over everything that life throws at me. Then there’s the opposite – those days  where I feel utterly overwhelmed, aggravated and snappy. I’m never a fan of that version of myself, but we’re human and it’s from those moments that we’re able to learn and grow from.

Tips on Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious & Stressed.

The good thing is that over time, I’ve gotten a lot better at teaching my body and mind on how to handle these moments.  Whether it’s a million things floating around in my brain or a chaotic morning of getting everyone fed, dressed and out the door. Whatever it is that may trigger feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I try to incorporate a few things that get me in a significantly better headspace. 

Working out or walking:

This one feels so obvious, but it’s one of the most important. I know it’s not always easy to find the time (and the motivation) to move your body, but in order for me to be a good mother and wife, carving out this time is a non negotiable.  The thing is, it doesn’t have to be an hour. I often will do a 20 minute Melissa Wood Health workout or a 30 minute Peloton ride. If I’m unable to do either of those, I take the kids on a walk. Just anything to move the body is such an instant mood booster.

The “One thing at a time” mantra: 

Weekday mornings are always chaotic for us. We’re changing diapers,  trying to feed the kids breakfast, pushing Nate to get dressed for school, making sure lunch is packed and in his book bag and a hundred other little things.  However, as crazy as it can feel, I mentally tell myself over and over “one thing at a time, one thing at a time..” and that phrase alone helps me stay focused and more importantly, it mentally calms me down.

Or when I’m cleaning the kitchen after cooking a meal, I tell my self the same thing “one thing at time..” and next thing I know, it’s done and at times, rather peacefully.

The crazy thing I’ve learned is that so much of it is mental. Practicing ways to calm our brains down, whether it’s by a mantra or breathing, can be pretty life changing.

Washing the stress away: 

I once had someone tell me that whenever they feel overwhelmed or anxious, they hop in the shower and envision washing all the stress and negative energy away. I’ve since incorporated the technique into my life and it does wonders.

To-do Lists:

Getting that clutter out of my brain and onto a paper is key. I’ve never been such a list maker until I’ve had kids and I’m someone who prefers an actual planner (I love my Golden Coil) over lists on my phone.


I’ve consistently started incorporating CBD into my life and it’s been immensely helpful.  I totally feel like myself, but it just helps to take that edge off. PS: I do have a code that gets you 25% off if you wish to try Equilibria (the one I take) with the code ‘BROOKLYNBLONDE’

The One Minute Rule:

I first learned about this from The Happier Podcast (and shared it several years ago) and it’s been such a game changer. Basically, anything that you’re able to do in a minute or less, do it immediately. This way, you’re not contributing to the mental clutter that occupies your brain space and weighs you down. For example, answering an email, hanging up your coat, throwing a dish in the dishwasher. It you’re able to do it in a minute, just do it. Get it over with!

The Five Minute Rule:

Similarly, last week when I posted to ask what your stress relieving tips were (more on that below), several of you mentioned “the 5-minute rule.”  I immediately read up on it. Then,  incorporated it over the last few days and it’s another game changer. Here’s how the 5-minute rule is explained in Inc Magazine from this article:

It works like this: You force yourself to work on a task for just five minutes, with the understanding that you can quit after five minutes if you like.

With this new condition, the brain is “tricked” into now seeing your gargantuan task very differently.

It’s as if the brain says to itself:

Oh wow. Five minutes is nothing. That’s less time than the YouTube video we were about to watch. We can handle five minutes. 

Of course, more often than not, once you complete the first five minutes, you’ll be so absorbed by the task, you’ll keep going.

But even if not, the five-minute rule has already helped you to cross a major hurdle:

Getting started.

So, the next time you find your task list angrily staring back at you while you waste the morning away, remember this simple little emotionally intelligent trick.

Because most of the time, five minutes is all you need.

Now, when I asked you all (via Instagram) how you relieved feeling overwhelmed or stressed, as always, I received so many helpful tips.

  1. Always having something to look forward to, big or small.
  2. Reminding yourself that you’re not the only one.
  3. Mel Robbin’s: 5 Second Rule (this was good)
  4. If the house is a mess, start with making the beds and the dishes.
  5. Solo walks with a podcast
  6. Praying
  7. Mediation and breathing
  8. Putting music on
  9. A glass of wine
  10. Cannabis products
  11. Lighting a candle, turning on some music, setting a certain mood.
  12. Therapy
  13. And in some cases when needed, medication.

If there’s anything that I’m missing that really helps you, please share! I hope you found this helpful.



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