November 23, 2022

The Ultimate Luxe Gift Guide

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The Ultimate Luxe Gift Guide

It this a luxe gift guide or a personal wishlist? Probably a little bit of both and if it’s not on my wishlist, it’s most likely an item I already own and love.

I’ll start with my Fferrone glasses, a collection I’ve slowly started to build and that brings me quite a bit of joy. Then there’s my Dana Rebecca necklace that I’ve yet to take off since it has come into my possession (mine is the 14/16 size and in white gold). My Acne scarf is a not a necessity, but it sure adds a little bit of luxe to our crazy cold winters. These leather gloves probably should have been on my Under $200 Gift Guide, but they look luxurious enough to be included on this one.

Whatever item you’re eyeing, I personally think you cannot go wrong with any of these luxe ideas.

all of the items can be clicked in the gift guide above or in the scroll below.

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