August 18, 2021

The Rugs we have at our Lake House

living room with wooden table in a lake houseRug | Coffee Table: Six Penny | Wicker Tray: HomeGoods (this etsy shop has some beautiful options) | Chairs: Uttermost | Mug: Earl Home | Black Table: HomeGoods | Candle: Diptyque | Candle Cloche: Similar

It’s pretty incredible how much beauty and depth rugs add to a space. In our Brooklyn home, we have a few vintage oushak rugs that are some of my favorite additions in our home.  The main downside is that they can really add up in price, especially if you’re adding rugs to numerous locations. Ultimately, I decided that for now, I wanted a similar look, but for less.

The Rugs we have at our Lake House

The three rugs I’m sharing here are all printed versions and quite honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like them. They’re also affordable and incredibly easy to maintain and clean (so many DMs telling assuring me of this), especially with little kids.

One thing to note: If you want your rug to have that plush feel, these won’t be for you. If you don’t mind (which I really don’t), I’d recommend in a heartbeat.

Are we going to upgrade them down the line? Possibly! But for now, these are doing a beautiful job.

white couch and wooden table Sofa: SixPenny Devyn in down fill. Color is Cotton Linen Corn Silk.

In the above photo, I added this rug in a 9 x 12. When I saw the photo online, I liked how it looked and hoped that I’d feel the same way in person. However, once it arrived, I was blown away by how much better it looked than the photos showed. It looks so much more expensive and added such a nice element to our living room.

woman stepping on a rugsI love how the deeper colors of the runner I bought for the kitchen, compliment the cabinets. For the cabinets we used Farrow & Ball Railings.

rugs in a bedroom This is the rug we have in the guest bedroom and again, I’m very happy with it! It ties in beautifully to the grey bed frame and to the other details we have in the room that I’ll be sharing soon.



  • Kelly Melo

    Can you please share the diptyque candle size? Thank you so much, Kelly

    • Kemi Soremekun

      It looks like the 600g one

  • Kemi Soremekun

    Those are lovely lovely rugs and they do look so much more expensive than they are. And I like how the decor of the lake house is shaping up.

  • v2 it solutions

    looks like awesome and fashionable

    • Level up Basement

      I agree! Rugs were always the best way to decorate your interior. I hate to see houses with just wooden floors and no rugs on them. I also love to see when people do smaller decorations with rugs on walls, it can look impressive for sure.

  • wakata

    good design

  • Eblogary

    They look amazing but i think they might be expensive

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  • Mary

    Wow, what a come up!
    Searched lake , to see what area…and saw a pic of you with bleached blonde hair sporting a coach bag😳😲😵‍💫

  • Ashok Sharma

    Thank you

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