March 27, 2019

Spring Suiting: From Sneakers to Heels

Veronica Beard Pink Suit, Spring Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde Veronica Beard Pink Suit, Spring Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde Veronica Beard Pink Suit, Axel Arigato Sneakers, Spring Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn BlondeVeronica Beard Pink Suit, Manolo Blahnik Pink Satin Heels, Spring Outfit by Helena of Brooklyn BlondeBlazer: Veronica Beard | Pants: Veronica Beard | Coat: Zara (old. similar here) | Tee: Rag & Bone | Heels: Manolo Blahnik | Sneakers: Axel Arigato (they run tts and are on sale!) | Sunglasses: Celine | Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown Pastel | Bag: Valentino

Stepping into spring with this pink number. During the day, I wore it with sneakers and for night, I swapped out my sneakers for heels. I’m still not sure which look I like better?! Do you guys have a preference?

If you’re feeling a little bolder, adore this bright pink number here

photos by Keith Hodne



  • Roses for Fridays | by mia

    Love ♥️this baby pink suit colour on you, such a sweet and charming look for Spring.

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Yalana Allen

    I love the look with sneakers but I’m all about comfort so I could be biased. Lol!! I love the suit btw!!

  • Mireia

    Love this pink suit so much!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Pinja

    It is such a gorgeous suit! Think I actually prefer the sneaker pairing, just the perfect balance and contrast of smart and sporty/casual!

  • Sel

    Beautiful suit. If I was wearing that gorgeous suit, I would not wear the blazer with the sneakers. For me, wearing the blazer is a strange look, not quite formal but not quite casual. I would probably replace the blazer with a cardigan in a similar hue. Dear Helena, this is not a criticism of you – just my preference.

    • Helena

      Never offended by an opinion!

  • Linda Hensley

    Definitely heels! Beautiful suit!

  • Rach

    I would have never thought that sneakers would look good in this suit, but I am so loving it!

  • Jae

    What a perfect suit for Spring! Love the pink color on you!

  • Stapha Charleme

    You look beautiful, as always!

  • Fashion and Frappes

    I have to say – unexpectedly – I love the look with the white sneakers! The white tee underneath and the white sneakers look perfect! Such an unexpected fun outfit!

  • Luxury Leather Goods

    An elegant suit in an amazing pink colour. I love the length of the pants and their cut. Very feminine and stylish look.

  • Gary Melican

    So hard to choose between the two.

    I think each are better in their respective domains (day / night).

    Awesome outfit!

    Gary |

  • Justine J Priess

    Looks great! I love it with sneakers!!

  • Gunwanti

    Nice post thanks for sharing

  • Study Glows

    Wow what a post nyc keep it up.

  • Jada

    LOVE the pink suit! It looks perfect with both heels and sneakers. It’s always nice to see multiple ways an outfit can be worn!

  • jOANNE

    I’m missing the Monday, Wednesday & Friday posts which you indicated awhile ago that you were doing 🙁
    I love your site; but I am having withdrawal Have you changed when you are posting?

  • Jalisa

    I absolutely LOVE this suit! The color is so pretty and looks great on you, you should wear it more often. I also love how it looks paired with both the heels and sneakers. Tailored suits always look so good with sleek sneakers. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week!

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  • Esther Loke

    A great style suggestion for spring!! You look so sweet in this outfit!


    nice post keep it up

  • Nicole Sioui

    Was kinda wondering the same thing. I had become accustomed to the triweekly posts and logged in with anticiptation. Being that 3 weeks have past since the last one, I was wondering if there wasn’t something wrong with my account.

    • Lisa Cooney

      I was wondering the same thing.

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  • Kadın Tişört

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  • Rebecca

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    Pretty in pink!

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