November 22, 2022

Small Bottega Jodie & What’s Inside


Small Bottega JodieI  probably should have shared this posts before Bottega had their wildly disrespectful price increase, but I couldn’t get my shi*t together. In all fairness, I didn’t actually know about it and they just happened to sneak it in. While this post was intended to be more about the contents inside my bag, I’ll give a short mini review on the small Jodie while we’re here.

Small Bottega Jodie & What’s Inside

A little over two months ago, I posted about getting this bag and the process which lead me to get it (I still have an instagram highlight saved if you’re interested). Not much has changed since my initial review in that I really love the bag. On days when I’m not pushing a stroller or in full-blown, hands-free, mom mode, it’s what I’m usually carrying. I love that it’s understated, but luxe looking. The leather is slouchy and buttery and just gets softer and nicer with time. It’s big enough that it fits all of my essentials, like the above, with room to spare. Not pictured here is a small makeup bag that I typically have inside. All that to say: it fits a lot.

My one con is that while it fits over a slimmer coat, the handle strap will not fit over a bulky/bigger coat. On those brutal winter days, I just opt for another bag, but something to point out.

As far as the contents inside:

Small Celine Triomphe Wallet: I’ll start with the most asked about item, the small Celine Triomphe wallet. I wanted a wallet that was a bit larger than my previous card case (which I’ll still use), but not as bulky as some other wallets. This small size is the perfect in between and works well with most of my bags, both large and small. So far, I love it. It’s smooth leather, so I know that light scratching will probably happen, but nothing just yet. I often wipe it down with a baby wipe and that does the trick.

Celine Canvas Pouch & Key Ring: This was a rather impulsive buy, but not one I regret. On my big bag days, it’s nice to be able to dig into my bag and easily find my keys. On other days when I don’t want to bring a big wallet, I put a credit card and cash into the zip pouch and I’m good to go. To top it off, it’s chic and makes me happy, so a win win all around. Absolutely not a necessity by any means, but then again, none of this stuff is.

Sunglasses: One of my favorite pairs from Colors in Optics.

Mini Notebook: For me, nothing beats physically jotting down thoughts, ideas, and things-to-do.

AirPods: I am usually listening to a podcast to keep my mood and motivation high.

Phlur Missing Person Perfume: Surprisingly, the reviews on Sephora are mixed, but to each their own because I love it. It’s my favorite on those days I want just a little something something. It’s not long lasting on the body, but it always managers to nicely linger on all of my clothes in the most pleasant way. I keep the roll on in my bag for an easy pick-me-up.

MAC Blot Powder: There are some old school makeup products that I cannot quit and MAC Blot (in medium) is one of them. I’m in a constant state of thinking my forehead is shiny and because mine isn’t necessarily small, I’m always trying got keep it under control. This has been in my makeup bag for over ten years. I just find it so easy to use and to travel with and panic when I’m without it.

UBeauty Plasma Lip Compound: As far as lip products go, this one is the ultimate luxury. It’s pricey and not necessarily a necessity, but man, it’s a good one. PS: if you’ve been interested in trying or repurchasing any UBeauty products, use the code HELENA for 20% of mostly anything.

Lux Unfiltered Hand Lotion: I normally prefer an unscented hand lotion, but the smell on this one is so nice and not too over powering. Bonus points for looking good when it comes out of my bag.

Evolve Together Hand Sanitizer: I hate most hand sanitizers, but this one is the exception.

If you’re on the hunt for a particular bag: several of mine were purchased via @innayourshoes at Bergdrofs!



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    Hi what are the dimensions of your jodie? from what I see from fashionphile etc the dimensions vary a lot!

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  • Basak Bektas

    Hello! I love how you style the small Jodie. I carry an Ipad to work every day. Does an iPad fit in the Jodie? Any insight would be most useful thanks!

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