October 19, 2016

Sleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial


At last, I’m finally sharing this highly requested sleek low bun hair tutorial with Nexxus New York Salon Care. This is my go-to look when I want something sleek, but super easy. I also love this style for a night out, paired with a red lip and and I’m good to go. Lets jump right into it!


Sleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with NexxusSleek Low Bun Hair Tutorial with Nexus New York

Sweater: Sea

Products Used:

*Nexxus Humectress Luxe Lightweight Conditioning Mist

*Nexxus Exxtra Defining Gel

*Nexxus Maxximum Finshing Mist

*Soft Bristle Brush. I love the one from Mason Pearson – it’s the best for gripping and smoothing the hair. Here’s a less expensive alternative.

*Ponytail Holder

*Bobby Pins

The Steps:

1. Start with your hair down, parted in the way you like it. Second or third day hair works best with this style.

2. Spritz with a conditioning mist to give it a bit more grip and sheen. I love this one from Nexxus New York. It’s works well to condition the hair surface but never feels too heavy.

2. After I spray in some product, I use a soft bristle brush to smooth down my hair and I brush it into a low ponytail.

3. Once it’s in the ponytail, I use a bit of gel to smooth out any flyways and give it a bit of hold. You can use a little now and then a bit more at the end.

4. This is the key part. I use my finger to hold the bun in place and keep twisting my hair around the base. Twist, twist twist, while using your pointer to hold the base. If it takes you a few tries, don’t get discouraged! Practice makes perfect.

5. I then secure with a ponytail holder. There might be a few hairs that are sticking out, but don’t worry about that.

6. To further secure and clean up the miscellaneous pieces of hair,Β  I use a couple of bobby pins around my bun. The bun doesn’t have to be perfect!

7. If the bun looks like it’s tilted a bit to the right or left, you can gently shift it to the middle.

8. Finish with a strong finish hairspray. Done!

photos by Keiko

This post is sponsored by Nexxus, a product of Unilever



  • Cheyanne

    I am loving this simple updo, but I am really loving that top!

  • Heather

    I love, love, love a sleek low bun during the week. It is so chic and effortless.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite products and tips!


  • Monika

    Love this hairstyle!


  • Kerrie summers

    Helena I’ve been waiting years for you to do this! I actually asked you if you could do this when you did the Q&A! Definitely going to be giving this a try. Thanks Helena x x x

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Yay! so happy you enjoyed. Thank you!

  • brett

    You should do more tutorials! I really enjoyed this and loved the photos!

  • Lauren

    Looks so pretty and would be perfect for work. On a side note, I love the jumper! x


  • Lady Trends

    Amazing hairdo Helena! I wish I could do similar with my hair looks like no difficult . I’ll try! πŸ™‚

    Lady Trends β™₯

  • Natali

    Great photo tutorial! I love sleek bun like this one!


  • marsha frenkel


    • BrooklynBlonde

      Hi! Just updated to include!

  • Sara Morais

    Finally, you’re secret has been revealed! πŸ˜€ I’ve been waiting for this for ages, although my hair is way too short for that right now but it definitely makes me wanna grow it out again just so I can twist it in this perfect bun.
    It’s flawless, sophisticated and it goes well with pretty much anything.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    xx Sara

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Thank you so much!

  • Jo

    Your hair is always on fleek! I definitely want to give that conditioning must a try!

    xo, Jo

  • Emi q

    This is my go-to hairstyle for the work week. Great tutorial!

    Emi Q

  • Pallavi Manvar

    Looks great! Can you comment on where your sweater is from? Love it!!

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Hi! Updated to include sweater!

      • ACJUan

        Hi, I know you said you updated to include sweater but I I still do not see the link to where you purchased the sweater.

  • Tiffany of macarons and coffee

    This low bun is so pretty! I love it.

  • BrooklynBlonde

    Hi Everyone! I updated the link with the sweater!

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  • Mary Katherine

    This is a great look! Where is your amazing top from in this post??! I am loving it!

    • Mary Katherine

      oops nevermind – just saw the update!!

  • Judy Nielsen

    Wonderful hair bun – tried it and it works. You are the expert, though. Love it. Thank you.


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