October 21, 2015

SK-II Skincare Favorites

SK-II Skincare Favorites
I always say that if you’re going to splurge, splurge on staple accessories and skincare. A great shoe or handbag can make your outfit look 10x better and a bright, vibrant face goes along even further. There’s really no accessory, not even a brand new Celine bag, that can make your confidence soar more than having great skin. There are some of us who are genetically blessed and then there are others, like me (and most of us), that need to put the work in to maintain a healthy complexion.
There are a few skincare brands that I seriously swear by, one of them being SK-II. I first discovered SK-II when I was on a long flight heading to Korea. There was this woman sitting next to me, who I had to refrain from continuously staring at because her complexion was THAT beautiful. About two hours into the flight, I look over and see that she’s wearing one of those funny looking sheet masks. I was so intrigued, having never used one, and thought “screw it! I’m going to ask her what she’s using.” I waited until the mask came off and after a few minutes I turned over and asked: “If you don’t mind me asking, what mask were you just using?” Her response: “SK-II! I swear by the entire brand..” One question turned into an hour conversation. Needless to say, that was my first introduction to the brand and these days, there are a few products of theirs that I would never want to be without:
SK-II Skincare Favorites
1) Facial Treatment Mask: Two years later after chatting with that woman, I now use this mask on flights, before events and when my skin needs a serious pick-me-up. There’s no other product that gives me such instant results where my skin is instantly hydrated, plumped and glowing. What makes these so incredible is that each facial mask is soaked in Pitera, which apparently, seems to be the holy grail of skincare.
*Tip: since the masks are generously soaked, there’s always leftover “juice” in there. I keep the packet and use the leftovers throughout the entire week. I’ll either mix it in with my moisturizer or layer it on right before.
2) My other favorite product is their Facial Treatment Essence. I use this after cleansing and toning (and before serums and moisturizers) and it helps in soothing, restoring hydration, preventing any signs of aging while allowing all the follow-up products to penetrate deeper to maximize their effects. I like to pat the liquid on my face rather than using cotton balls, which seems to make the product last a bit longer.
SK-II Skincare Favorites
3) Lastly, I’ve been test driving their Mid-Day Essence Spray and so far, I’m really impressed! I recently found out that this product was created when Cate Blanchett, the SK-II Global Ambassador, was asked how she kept her skin looking fresh throughout the day, Cate said that she would pour a small amount of the Facial Treatment Essence into a spray bottle and mist her face when she was in need of a pick-me-up. This little trick helped keep her skin moisturized and looking fresh throughout the day. I mean, if I can get my complexion to look half as good as Cate Blachett’s, sign me up, right?
Do you guys use any products from SK-II? If so, what are your favorites? If you’re new to this brand (or not!): there’s currently a pop-up shop happening in NYC till the end of the month and I’ll be there this Thursday!
What? SK-II Pop-Up shop
Where: 470 Broome Street in Soho
When: Through the end of October and this Thursday, I’ll be there from 6PM-8PM. Stop by to talk skincare, sip some champagne or to just say hello!



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