June 13, 2023

Six (Very Random) Things I’m Loving

For the past two weeks, I’ve been mentally logging the miscellaneous things, shows and podcasts that I cannot wait to tell my people about. When I say my people, that obviously means all of you. Quite frankly, it’s really what got me into blogging to begin with. When I am really passionate about something, I want to share it with anyone that will listen. Even when that passion is about a new vitamin. Some, if not all of the below, I mentioned on instagram stories, but let’s make it more official with an actual blog post.

Six (Very Random) Things I’m Loving

Naghedi St. Barths Mini:

I’ve made my love for the large St. Barths Tote known many times, but it’s the first time I’m mentioning the mini style. With prices of designer bags getting more and more astronomical, it’s so nice to be able to love and wear a bag that doesn’t cost five figures. There’s also an even smaller version, which I also own, that’s so adorable and fits way more than one would think. I wore it to the Ed Shereen concert this past weekend and it was concert-friendly and fit everything I needed. Lots of great colors additionally can be found here. 

The Let Them Theory:

I haven’t been able to stop talking bout this Mel Robbins podcast episode, both on social media and in real life, titled the “Let Them Theory.” It’s left such a profound impact on me and I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from it. Even now, when I find myself trying to be a controlling nag, I tell myself “let them” and it really helps to reel myself in. It’s hard to explain so just do yourself a favor and listen to it.


There aren’t a ton of shows that Keith and I watch together. For starters, neither of us love anything too heavy, so that eliminates a lot of shows. Once in awhile, a show will come along that we both enjoy. We started watching Dave, a show about Dave Bird’s real alter ego, Lil Dicky who combines his neuroses and sense of humor into very witty rap songs. He’s also been referred as the Eminen of the YouTube generation and I could totally see that, but with a bit more humor, IMHO. When the first season aired, it had a great mix of music, pop culture, comedy and real life. As weird as season one was, we enjoyed it. Season two wasn’t our favorite, but we watched it and still found ourselves waiting for the next season. Well, we just finished season three and while it was so damn weird, we loved it so much. So creative, brilliantly written and the amount of A+ celebrities on the show is astonishing. I won’t spoil who is in it, but there’s really no moving up from there.

AGolde Parker Denim Shorts:

The Parker shorts have been a favorite of mine for quite awhile and this year, I’ve been wearing (and loving) this clean-hem version. They work well dressed up or down and while I still wear my frayed denim shorts, admittedly, I’ve been reaching for these more. They run TTS.

Magnesium Supplements: 

I’ve been preaching about these on instagram, but man, the addition of these into my daily routine have been a game changer. Go ahead and read all of the positive reviews, but to add my own: I feel way calmer, less moody and when I’m PMSing, the symptoms are significantly reduced. I’m actually blown away by how much calmer and more even I feel. Apparently, most of us are Magnesium deficient and after my own little research, our bodies need it for a list of reasons.

Maisonette Outlet:

For both Nate and Sasha, Maisonette is one of my favorite shopping destinations when I want something a bit more special than Zara and H&M. While I love their regular site, they just launched Maisonette Outlet where items are up to 70% off! Some items in my cart for Sasha: this circus dress and this tee and shorts set. For Nate: this New York sweatshirt and this ‘Beach is Calling’ hoodie.

How about you all?! If there’s a newish discovery-on absolutely anything-that you love and want to share, please do so in the comments so we’re all able to benefit.



  • Brenna Busching

    I’ve been meaning to try magnesium! I will def buy now 🙂 I’ve been loving my walks in the evening and boba ✨

  • Emilia Dobrydney

    Holy smokes “The Let Them” theory is life changing!! Thank you for sharing—and I also tell anyone who will listen!!

    One of my recent favorites is the ISDIN Melatonik—my derm has me use it in the morning under sunscreen and man is my skin silky smooth—not to mention acne free 🙌

    My other new favorite is a pair of Birkenstocks 😂 Maybe I’m getting old or I just don’t care—but they sure are comfy, and my feet are grateful 😉 Have a lovely day and now off to try these shorts ☝️xx

  • Mary

    Wow I love these recommendations! Definitely going to listen to that podcast. Something I just discovered is Banana Republic home! They have launched a home segment of their store and I’m super excited! So far they have the most beautiful duvet covers that are so subtle with intricate patterns. Cant wait to see what else they create.

  • Sandra from Spoo-Design

    Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I have quite similar jeans shorts and I do like them, soo!

    Nerver outdated!

  • Trisha

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  • tara smith

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