August 8, 2014

Shoe Talk + Proper Care

As an avid shoe lover, admittedly, I’ve developed quite a collection. It’s also probably no surprise that one of my most frequently asked questions, is on the topic of shoes. Whether it’s “should I get this style versus that style..?” or “what’s the best way to care for them?” I figured it’s about time I properly answer your shoe related questions.
So, first, the brand breakdown of my favorites.
The Manolo Blahnik BBs : Out of all the “fancy” heels that I own (rather than my trendier, more disposable, pairs) The Manolo BBs are hands down, the most comfortable (I buy the 4″ heel height). With these, it’s not as necessary to walk around with a backup pair of flats in your bag. If you’re looking to invest in a sleek, classic heel, that you can actually wear for multiple hours a day, I highly recommend these. Granted, if you’re a commuting New Yorker, you’ll still want that backup pair, but you get the point. While I don’t mind these with dresses or skirts, I like them best with jeans. Totally just my own personal preference.
I only own the red pair, but am thinking of getting the grey for fall. I’ve been lusting for them since last year and might take the plunge. Already have multiple outfits brewing in my head…. (edited to add: I’ve since gotten them and it was one of the best buys I’ve made. Worn here and here)
The Christian Louboutin So Kate: Aesthetically, these are my favorite. I’m convinced that they make any outfit look better, whether it’s a fancy dress or a distressed pair of jeans. My nude pair, is the #1 pair of heels I reach for in my closet. Cost per wear, these have paid for themselves 10x over. As far as their comfort, honestly speaking, I wouldn’t rank them high on the list. They’re definitely a pair of shoes that I’m either a) hopping in a car in or 2) changing into right before my final destination. I also prefer these over the popular Pigalles. They have a slightly longer/pointier toe box, which I love. Now, there’s also the Pigalle Platos, which are actually quite comfortable!
Something else to keep in mind: most of these shoes, particularly the Christian Louboutin So Kates and Pigalles, take time to “mold” to your foot. No, they don’t become walking shoes, but they become significantly more comfortable than what they first feel like.I should also add that I get so many questions asking me “how the hell do you walk in your shoes?” For starters, I always have a back up pair in my bag and I often change at my location, especially if I’m walking or taking the train. Secondly, I’ve always had a pretty high heel tolerance. I don’t know if it’s because I have an extremely high foot arch, which I heard has a lot to do with how your foot handles heels, but either way, I’ve become an expert heel wearer.

1. Whenever I get a new pair of designer shoes, I try to get the bottom soles protected right away! Even though I’m somebody who is VERY hard on my shoes, this is a one time thing. A major added bonus, the rubber sole will significantly improve the comfort of your heels, especially if there was a thin sole to begin with. If you’re not already getting rubber soles, they will give you life! I cannot stress it enough. Go out and get them! And of course, make sure you get red soles for your Louboutins.*In NYC, I like Leather Spa for my Louboutins, primarily for the red sole. They’re a bit pricey, but they always do such a great job. This is also the place I bring my designer handbags, when something needs to be repaired or cleaned. For my other shoes that don’t require a red sole, I’ll go to my local shoe cobbler that I trust. If any of you guys have any recommendations other than Leather Spa, I would love to hear!

2. Make sure you replace your heel tips as soon as you see metal coming through. For me, it happens often, but it will make your expensive shoes last for years and years. Side note: one of my biggest pet peeves in the world is hearing the metal *click clack* sound when a female, including myself, needs to get her heels replaced. Nails on a chalkboard….

3. Make sure you properly protect them before/after wearing. Below are my favorite ways to properly care for them.

Satin: Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent.

Suede: Apple Rain and Stain Repellent, immediately before wearing.

Leather: Apple Leather Cleaner.

Other tips:
1. For removing black marker lines, try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

2. For keeping patent leather shiny, try baby wipes + a drop of petroleum jelly.

3. If your heels slip out of the back (always a problem for me) try heel liners.

4. When you travel, make sure you store the shoes in your dust bags!

5. Edited to add a reader tip: taping your third and fourth toes together, before slipping them on, helps a lot with comfort! Did a little research and many claim that it helps! Something to do with our nerves. Definitely going to try it!

Well, I think that’s it! I hope I answered any questions and if I didn’t, feel free to ask below!

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  • Federica Guatelli

    That's a shoot!! Love them all!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Sabina B.

    Love the first photo! And the tips too – thanks for sharing!

  • Wishes and Reality

    Great tips for care! I've long loved Manolos, so beautiful and comfortable.

    Heidi D.

  • Natali

    Such a great, informative and helpful blog post!
    Thank you!!! I will def. go to Leather Spa when I come to NYC in October
    as I need to bring few things to clean/ repair and I've read only amazing reviews
    about them 🙂

  • Juliana

    Great advice and great shoes!! Still drooling over the So Kate's..

  • Elizabeth Hawn

    love this post even though I don't have many designer shoes!

  • Natalia/Shandrese

    Thanks so much for this post! I'm definitely getting the heel liners, and I have been thinking about getting rubber soles for a while. I'm going to look into it for my thinner soles 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing all your tips! 🙂
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    I needed this!

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  • Rachel Lynne

    These are all great tips, thank you for sharing!

  • grace at leangirlsclub

    These are great tips. I also like using my blowdryer to "soften" the shoes a bit when I first get them. It's a trick that has saved me blisters and cuts.

    Also, if you tape (use med tape) your third and fourth toes together it lessens the pain. It's something about the nerve in the foot.

    • BrooklynBlonde

      OOh good tips!! I'll be sure to try these! Thanks for sharing.

    • Beauty Vanity

      Love this, I'm totally going to try this out this weekend!

      xx Alyson
      The Beauty Vanity

    • Marilyn

      The blow dryer tip definitely works to stretch/mould the shoe to your foot. Leave them on until the shoe cools to maintain the stretch.

  • Nicole Layne

    That for sharing these tips! I totally agree about getting the protective sole put on! It is a great investment to protect your shoes!

    Nicole to the Nines

  • Melissa Tierney

    Great post and tips 🙂
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  • Fortune Tarantola

    I'm an avid shoe collector too! It's crazy. Thanks for the great tips!

  • Anonymous

    What height do you buy in the Manolo BB's?

  • Q

    Great tips…. I agree with Grace at Lean Girls Club… the blow dry trick is MAGIC!!…. you have to keep the shoes on though until they cool down…. as your blow drying flex your foot back and forth… it doesn't work well on patent leather shoes and not at all on pleather (so no Stella McCartney!) but for leather shoes, its wonderful.

  • Grace - Stripes and Sequins

    this is such an awesome, helpful post! thanks for posting 😉 xx

  • Temi Truly

    Great care tips, I will definitely try to incorporate these!

    ❤ Temi Truly
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  • Alela Sirah

    Great tips! I got the forever red soles on my shoes too! It's a great investment!

  • Alisa Noel

    I've been dying to get my first pair of Louboutin So Kates, but am unsure what size to get. I normally wear a size 9, but multiple sources online claim that they run a size small, that they're especially narrow.. what do you recommend for sizing? Thanks!

    • BrooklynBlonde

      Hi Alisa! In American sizing, I normally wear a size 8.5 whereas in European designer shoes, I'm generally a 39.5 across the board. With my Louboutins, it's no different! I take a 39.5 in all of them. I would try ordering from a site with free shipping and returns. In the event that they don't work out, you can easily send them back.

    • Alisa Noel

      Great! Thanks so much.

  • Liz | Shopping My Closet

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    Great tips!

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  • Kat Murphy

    I don't have rubber soles on any of my designer shoes… I've been doing it wrong all this time! Researching where to do this in Chicago right now!

  • Eat Play Dress

    These are such great tips! I haven't heard about the taping of the third and fourth toe, but definitely would like to try it.

    Minas Shoe Repair in the Financial District does a fantastic job fixing shoes! Plus, they have the red rubber soles for Louboutins. He is also very passionate about shoes, so it's always fun to talk with him when you stop in.

    Eat Play Dress

  • Gabriela

    Awesome tips! A pair of Louboutins are my "dream shoes"…one day!

    I have flat feet but adore heels, and one thing that I've really found helps is the Dr. Scholl's ball-of-the-foot inserts. You have to be careful about where you place them in the shoe and the stickiness is very hard to get rid of if you remove them, but it seriously works WONDERS in terms of wearability. I tried it on a few pairs of cheapie heels before I started using them in my nicer pumps, but now they're in every pair!

  • Sarah Enuwa Audu

    Amazing collection I adore the nude pair and I'm definitely going to try taping my toes together.

  • ravenlocks

    Haha…I love that pin with the quote you added in the end. 😉

    Thanks for this advice! I've always wondered about getting the bottoms done on my Italian leather heels. I will definitely do that! Oh, and I so have to agree with you. Designer shoes DO take time to mold to your feet. I've found that the patent leather ones are better at that than the others.

    Have a great weekend, Helena!

    xo Azu

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    Love it!
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    Thanks for sharing these tipps. I love heels, but mostly I'm too lazy to wear them. But at the moment I'm trying to change that a little. Bringing some flats is for sure always a good idea!
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  • sarahsreallife

    OK, I am VERY intrigued by this taping your toes together business. I have never heard that! I love my heels, but I would be lying if I said they were comfortable. I don't wear them for comfort, people. I have incredibly flat feet, so maybe that's why my tolerance is pretty low. I usually don't go over 3" for that reason – I'm not a total masochist!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

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  • Style Sprinter

    Leather SPA is also my favorite shoe repair salon. They have a very cute studio in the basement of Plaza hotel and always do a great job. Once I scratched badly the heel of my Filo 120mm Louboutins and they were able to replace leather on the entire heel.
    I also agree with your comment about dust bags — these are must-have travel accessories.

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    Okay, I just got my first pair of luxury pumps (The Manolo BB – a gift from my mother-in-law who has impeccable taste!) so this post couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I haven't worn them yet because I wanted to do a little research on proper care and how to make them last. So seriously, thanks for for this post! So helpful! I just ordered the Apple leather protector!

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