February 9, 2023

Seven Outfits Worn in Mexico


three Outfits Worn in MexicoWe got back from Cancun, Mexico this past Sunday where we went on a trip with three other families and our children. In my mind, as I planned for this trip, I had every intention of taking beautiful, scenic outfit shots, but the joke was on me. The trip was an absolute blast, but our hands were full with very little downtime. Thankfully, our elevator had a handy little mirror with decent lighting, so that’s where we are.

woman in pink dress one of the Outfits Worn in MexicoDress | Mules| iPhone case

For most of the trip, I lived in linen shirts and bathing suits, but there were a few instances where i pulled out the above Saint Laurent mules and something a smidge dressier. These were the only heels I bought on the trip and quite frankly, the only heels I even needed. They’ve been one of my best shoe buys (from last year) and if I’m calculating cost per wear, they’ve exceeded my expectations. As far as sizing, I sized up 1/2 a size.

Seven Outfits Worn in Mexico

The silk dress was a score during the Moda Operandi sale. I got it for a really great price and the quality is beautiful in person. For a fraction of the cost and a similar look, Zara has great “satin effect” dresses.

woman in green long sleeves one of the Outfits Worn in MexicoShirt (in a small – it runs roomy) | Slides | Bag

I got this Loewe bag last year (it’s the smaller of the two) and it’s become a quick favorite. With that said, it’s definitely a bit fragile, with the top starting to fray already.  I don’t regret the purchase and have been wearing it a ton, but something to keep in mind.

Shockingly, I didn’t wear any of my Hermès Oran slides on this trip and alternated between two Porte & Paire  pairs. If you’re not familiar (I wasn’t until a few months ago), P&P is NET-A-PORTERs house brand with the quality and price points being  A+. I find they run true to size.

woman in white skirt and top one of the Outfits Worn in MexicoHat | Dress (in a M) | Slides | Bag | iPhone Case

This Rhode dress is on its third trip and has proven to be a warm weather staple in my closet. I’ve worn it out to dinner in a casual way, a dressier way and pictured here, as a cover-up.

woman in yellow bikiniBikini: Vix | Button Down is Wardrobe NYC. Here is a similar one. | Slides(TTS)

Zimmermann Top (in a 2)  | Zimmermann Shorts (in a 2) | Belt: Bottega (wearing a size 80)

Zimmermann is such a splurge, but their quality really is A++. I’ve worn this two-piece number so many times already and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I included a few of my favorites here.

Bikini Top | Bikini Bottom | Button Down (in a medium) | Shorts (in a medium) | Slides | iPhone case

Button Down (in a medium) | Bikini: Vix | Shorts (TTS) | Slides |iPhone case

AGolde Parker shorts have also become a staple in my wardrobe. I bought three pairs with me on this trip: white, blue and black and rotated them all week for my beach/pool looks.

Paired with this bright pink button down. I discovered SNDYS shirts through a close friend and have added both pink and this green to my closet. They run slightly oversized and a small works perfectly.

Vix Bikini | Neckclaces: Crystal Haze & Dana Rebecca

Is there an outfit you like best from these? Did I leave anything out? There’s usually something!



  • Lito

    Loved the looks and the real pics! What size are you wearing on the fuchsia satin dress? Your regular size ori sized up/down? Is it aggressively short? Thank you!

  • Docdivatraveller

    Love all your looks Helena ! So effortlessly sophisticated! My favourite has to be the Zimmerman coords. I wish I could rock bikinis like you after 2 kids.

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  • Tara

    Looks lovely! Just wanted to add a note here to your recent conversation about stay at home and working moms. I have just recently retired (I am older than your general readership!) and it so happened on the last day of work all three of my kids were here for me: oldest a Creative Director at a NYC ad agency, second an NYC police officer, third a college student. They wanted to see me off. I struggled with working Mom guilt and stay at home Mom guilt throughout their lives as I did both at different times. Just when I was about to get into the car I said to them, Hey, was I a good Mom? I didn’t always make the cupcakes, did not always get to every game, didn’t read every book to you. They looked at me in shock. The Creative Director said, “My password prompt on my computer asks who is your favorite teacher? And the answer is M-o-m. It’s you”. The college student said, “You do everything for me and we are becoming adult friends, you’re great!” And the NYC police officer, in her brusque cop way, said, “You were f—ing super, now go enjoy your last day!” I cried getting into the car. They didn’t remember anything that I thought was a fail and that I bashed myself over. They are all great kids, wonderful people I have sent into the world. Each day when they left the house, a little piece of my heart went with them. And now they were sending me off, a little piece of their hearts with me. We all succeed as Moms because our hearts are in the right place for our children wherever that place may be-home or work. So, if I could fly back to myself during all those years, I would like to whisper into my ear, you’re doing the best you can, and in the end, it will be wonderfully amazing. The kids waved me off that day as I did to them so many times. Three children doing three different things, all loved by their Mom…and they love me back! It’s all I could ask for. PS-retirement is wonderful!

    • docdivatraveller

      Feels reassuring to read this. I am a struggling WFH mom of two young kids here.

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  • Lola

    Hi Helena, thanks for sharing your looks. Loved them all especially the Loewe bag and the Rhode Pia dress. Being eyeing it for some time. Also, you looked amazing and fit! Would you mind sharing what you are doing for fitness and nutrition these days? I’m thinking of getting a treadmill for more steps and eating a lot of avo toast but always looking for more ideas that aren’t as intense as Solid Core!

  • Anthony M. Williams

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